After 2G, Subramanium Swami eyes blackmoney hoarders

Janata Party president Subramaniam Swamy today said he will soon register an FIR with CBI on the issue of black money stashed in foreign countries that would help him obtain letter rogatory from a court and his organisation then can directly approach foreign countries to get details of funds stashed.

"After studying the laws on how to get details of black money stashed abroad, my organisation Action Committee Against Corruption in India has decided to go to CBI office on November 28 and register an FIR on the issue," Swamy said.

"For filing of an FIR, we do not require names... we can only say that the unnamed persons have committed a crime against the country by stashing black money in foreign banks. If the CBI would not file a complaint, then we will approach a court to direct the CBI to file it," he said.

Subramanium Swami

"Once the complaint is filed, we will approach a local court and obtain a letter rogatory for the purpose. That will be then presented in the court in Switzerland and that country's government to obtain details of Indians whose money is stashed their," Swamy said.

Letter rogatory is a formal request from a court to a foreign court for judicial assistance.

"We will follow the process in other countries also where there is banking secrecy," he further said.

"We are planning to do what our government is not able to do to obtain information about those who have stashed their
money in foreign banks," he said.

On the campaign against corruption by Anna Hazare, Swamy said, "I have proved that people can be booked and sent to jail under existing laws in the 2G case".

On a question of alliance with the BJP, Swamy said, "I ready to have an alliance with the BJP, but it is BJP which is not keen on it. We are even ready to merge our party with that party but they do not want this to happen".

He said that his party will be putting up candidates in the Gujarat assembly elections scheduled to be held in December 2012.


Published Date: Nov 12, 2011 18:04 PM | Updated Date: Nov 12, 2011 18:22 PM

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