6 emotions of a cleanliness freak on a normal day

Being a clean freak does not really work very well in our towns and cities. You can do everything you need to keep your home spick and span, but what about when you step out. These are just some of the emotions a cleanliness freak goes through every time they need to step out of their homes.

    1. Is it a storm?


The pleasant morning breeze that made you smell spring in the air is now blowing a gust of dust and debris from a construction site, straight on to your windscreen. You hurry to roll up the car windows but still, some got in. Well, a double dose of allergy medicines for you tonight.

    1. Is it a flood?


Your neighbours decide to wash all the five cars in their driveway and just sweep the slush out of the gates on the road. You must now choose between saving your new wedges from getting soiled or preventing a slip-disc by trying not to slip on all that muck.

    1. Is it a fire?


Swirls of toxic black smoke curls into your bedroom and you panic, running from room to room for what’s burning. What’s burning is the garbage in the adjacent plot and your eyes and lungs. Asthma spray to be kept handy for tonight.

    1. Is it cool?


At a traffic light, you find yourself behind a shiny black Mercedes-Benz. The tinted windows roll down and a heavily manicured hand clad with a diamond bracelet and ring emerges to throw out an empty mineral water bottle. The signal turns green and you are hyperventilating as cars honk behind you.

    1. Is it safe?


The two electric poles at your street entrance usually become the support masts to hoist banners with greetings for local leaders. The banners are cut and removed but the black cords they were attached to remain coiled on the poles forming a web of flammable swaths. You cross your fingers every time you walk next to the poles.

    1. Is it neat?


While you take pains to segregate dry and wet waste at home, the garbage bins in your locality ultimately mix all of them. You roll your eyes and decide not to sperate dry and wet waste in your home too. But, you know the cleanliness freak in you will make you do that anyway.

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Published Date: Mar 09, 2018 09:53 AM | Updated Date: Mar 09, 2018 09:53 AM

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