2G scam: Morani seeks quashing of charges

Mar 26, 2012

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today sought the CBI's reply to a plea by Bollywood filmmaker Karim Morani, an accused in 2G spectrum allocation scam case, for quashing of charges framed against him by the trial court.

A bench of Justice ML Mehta issued notice to the probe agency and listed the matter for further hearing on 10 May. Morani, who is a co-accused along with former telecom minister A Raja and facing trial in the case, sought his
discharge from the case saying he has been wrongly implicated.

Morani, director of Cineyug Films Pvt Ltd, in his plea, also said the charges levelled against him of being involved in the conspiracy for the grant of the telecom licenses was misconceived. PTI

Morani, director of Cineyug Films Pvt Ltd in his plea also said the charges levelled against him were misconceived as he was not a beneficiary of the alleged

Special CBI judge OP Saini, on 22 October last year had framed charges against former Telecom Minister A Raja, Morani and 15 others for various offences, including criminal breach of trust that entails a maximum punishment of life term.

All the accused were charged under various provisions of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act for alleged criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, faking documents, abusing official position, getting bribe and criminal
misconduct by the public s servant.

The offences entail punishment ranging from six months in jail to life imprisonment. The CBI, in its chargesheet, had alleged that Morani was
involved in routing Rs 200 crore from Dynamix Realty Ltd to Kalaignar TV, in which DMK MP Kanimozhi has 20 percent stake, through his production firm Cineyug Films Pvt Ltd.


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