Celebrating the unsung heroeswho are prescribing happiness to rural healthcare

Network18 & Apollo Hospitals Group join hands to present 'Healers of India',
a path-breaking initiative to identify and honour the unsung heroes who are contributing their level best and working tirelessly to ensure better healthcare for India's rural population. This series puts the spotlight on those doctors, paramedics, district health officers and ASHA workers who are the backbone of India's rural healthcare sector.

Final Award Ceremony: March 2017



Healers of India

As per the World Health Organisation, there is only 1 doctor for every 1,700 citizens in India against the WHO’s mandatory ratio of 1:1,000. In an attempt to bridge the need gap especially in rural India, the central government has now increased the retirement age of doctors from 60 years to 65 years and all attempts are being made by both public and private players to boost India’s rural healthcare system. As per the Health Ministry data, primary health centres as well as community health centres face severe shortage of doctors, technicians, nurses and other medical staff. The country needs at least 50,000 critical specialists and has only 8,350 at the moment. As a result, most doctors are subject to long and grueling working hours, suffer mental and physical exhaustion, deal with administrative hurdles especially in remote corners of the country and yet continue to serve rural India day after day to best of their abilities, in order to live by the Hippocratic Oath that they took.

A multi-faceted campaign across various Network18 media to laud the efforts of doctors and medical staff at the last mile. The objective of the campaign will be to throw the spotlight on doctors, paramedics, district health officers and ASHA workers who are contributing selflessly to save lives and improve the health of India’s rural population. The campaign will focus only on rural India to bring those unsung heroes into mainstream media who work silently and are rarely appreciated for their humungous effort.



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