West Bengal floods: Toll reaches three in Malda

Jul 16, 2013

Malda, West Bengal: The body of a person who went missing in an incident of boat-capsize in flood-bound Malda district was recovered today.

With this, the toll in Monday's boat capsize incidents rose to three, an official said.

Flood affected. Agencies

Flood affected. Agencies

Two members of a marriage party had drowned when the boat carrying 22 people capsized in the swollen Tangon river near Babughat at Gajole.
While 20 of them swam ashore, the body of one of them was found later.

An old woman died in yet another incident of boat capsize in Phulahar river when her family was shifting their belongings after house was inundated at Harishchandrapur, Kumar said.

Meanwhile, the water level of most of the rivers barring Mahananda was receding.

The water level of the Mahananda was rising steadily.

The water level of Ganga was constant and that of Phulahar had subsided a little, though it was flowing above the danger mark, the official said.


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