US talking to countries, consulting on anti-Islam video

Washington: The US is talking to various countries across the globe on the controversial anti-Islam video that has resulted in violent protests in Muslim nations, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland has said.

"We are consulting with a very broad range of countries about the response to this video, not just ones where our
embassies, consulates and missions have been affected but around the world," Nuland said at her daily news conference.

Reiterating her country's condemnation for the controversial video, Nuland, however, asserted that protests
cannot be an excuse for carrying out violence.


"We are encouraging leaders, whether they're government or religious, to speak out strongly along the lines that the Secretary (of State) and the President have, that we can all condemn this reprehensible video but it should never be an excuse for violence," she said.

Nuland suggested a two-pronged strategy to deal with violence -- beefing up security measures and convincing people for peaceful protests through "legitimate democratic channels."

"Hurt should be expressed through legitimate democratic channels, should be expressed peacefully, and it's never an excuse to take the lives of others," she said.

She also condemned the attack that took place in Kabul yesterday as a result of protest against the video, and
offered condolences to the affected families.

"We wish for the speedy recovery of the injured. We can confirm that there were no US citizens involved," she said.


Published Date: Sep 19, 2012 09:53 AM | Updated Date: Sep 19, 2012 09:53 AM

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