UIDAI data centre not immune to unauthorised access

Jan 6, 2012

Ranchi: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) today did not rule out the possibility of hacking of its data centre and suggested that security should be put in place.

The UIDAI's mandate is to issue every resident a unique identification number named Aadhaar, linked to the resident's demographic and biometric information. Naresh Sharma/Firstpost

"(As far as) data centre hacking, we have to be alert. Securities have to be put in place to ensure that data is not accessed in any unauthorized manner," Director General of UIDAI RS Sharma said while replying to a query on whether there
was any threat from hackers. It is the world's largest biometric database and the most impressive project in terms of data complexities and other  parameters, he told reporters here.

Sharma, however, said no one could know the identity of persons from Aadhaar numbers as they were random numbers, and do not reveal identity.

The UIDAI's mandate is to issue every resident a unique identification number named Aadhaar, linked to the resident's demographic and biometric information, which they can use to identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access a host of benefits and services.

Asserting that the UIDAI was moving at the right pace in generating Aadhaar numbers, he said 20 crore people have been enrolled since the launch of the project on 29 September last year. Aadhaar numbers are being generated at the rate of one million per day, he said.


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