Three Kashmir cops arrested for beating woman to death

Oct 7, 2012

Four people, including three policemen, were arrested in Kashmir's Anantnag district Sunday for allegedly beating a woman to death during a police search for contraband drugs, a police official said.

"Three policemen and the son-in-law of the woman have been arrested. Further probe will be done after the autopsy report," the police official said.

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People in Ahlaan Gadool village in the Kokarnag area of Anantnag Friday staged a protest demonstration after the death of 65-year-old Mukhti.

Family members of the woman alleged that she was ruthlessly beaten up during a police raid Friday. She complained of a chest pain and later passed away.

The villagers alleged that police raided the woman's house based on a false information given by her estranged son-in-law, who works as a police informer, that there were stocks in the house of some contraband herb called dioscerea, which is found in the valley forests and used in making drugs.


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