Six flights cancelled, fifty others hit

Jan 3, 2013

New Delhi: Six flights were cancelled and 50 domestic and international flights affected due to operational reasons at the Indira Gandhi International Airport where operations had been hit for the last four days due to dense fog.

Schedule of around 50 domestic and international flights were affected during the day. Five flights were delayed due to poor weather at the airport, two due to weather at destination and over 25 for operational reasons, while six were cancelled. The airport witnessed dense fog in the night while it become shallow in the morning, airport officials said.


Dense fog descended on the airport around 1.30 AM, leading to drop in visibility to 75 metres at the third runway and hovered around 150 metres till 3.30 AM. During this period general visibility dropped to below 25 metres.

The visibility at the main runway remained between 150 and 225 metres through the night and in the morning it increased to 1,200 metres, they said.

MeT department has predicted shallow fog from 11.30 PM and visibility to reduce to 500 metres. It may further reduce to 200 metres due to dense fog expected on the third runway from 4.30 AM.

Yesterday, around 140 flights were affected after thick fog enveloped the airport.


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