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Russia's new attack sub fires first cruise missile

by fwire  Nov 26, 2012 23:31 IST

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Moscow, Nov 26 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Russia's newest attack submarine, the Project 855 Severodvinsk, has successfully fired its first cruise missile at a land target during the manufacturer's sea trials in the White Sea.

The Severodvinsk is one of eight Yasen−class boats being built for the Russian Navy.

"The multi−role nuclear−powered submarine Severodvinsk fired a supersonic cruise missile at a land target for the first time during sea trials in the White Sea. The target was successfully destroyed," said a source in the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

"This is of course a big achievement for the shipyard and United Shipbuilding as a whole. Manufacturers' trials are drawing to a close and the boat will soon start state acceptance trials," he said.

The Severodvinsk has a submerged displacement of 13,800 tonnes, length of 119 metres, speed of 31 knots, and can dive to 600 metres. It has a crew of 90 including 32 officers.

Its main armament consists of 3M55 Oniks (SS−N−26) and 3M54 (SS−N−27) Kalibr cruise missiles and conventional torpedos, rocket−torpedos and mines.

−−IANS/RIA Novosti