Rihanna equals Madonna’s UK chart record

Nov 26, 2012

London:  Bajan singer Rihanna equalled Madonna's chart record of three consecutive number one albums this week, while X Factor talent show star Olly Murs scored his fourth number one single, the Official Charts Company said on Sunday.

File pic of Rihanna performing. AP.

Rihanna's Unapologetic went straight to the top of the singles chart, extending a run of album chart success with last year's Talk That Talk and 2010's Loud.

Talent show graduate Susan Boyle came in at number seven with Standing Ovation— The Greatest Songs, one place behind Rod Stewart with Merry Christmas Baby at number six. Veteran rockers Led Zeppelin took fourth place with Celebration Day.

In the singles chart, Murs teamed up with US singer Flo Rida to take the top spot with Troublemaker, nudging girl group Girls Aloud to second place with Something New.

US singer Alicia Key's also managed a new top 10 entry with Girl on Fire at number five.


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