Richa Chadda of GoW fame not mad over brands

Sep 5, 2012

Mumbai: Actress Richa Chadda, who went de-glam for the two-part movie "Gangs of Wasseypur", is fashion-conscious but not crazy about brands.


"I was recently wearing a churidaar and short kurta which my mom used to wear in college in the seventies and it is back in fashion. So it makes sense to follow fashion but not blindly and also not to become, like it is called in the west, label w**re, means mad for brands. But I am not like that. I like brands but according to quality," Richa said here in an interview.

Asked about her upcoming projects, Richa said: "I am doing a lot of things. I have come here with great difficulty. I am very busy and I will start shooting for a new film in a few days but I can't name it."

"It's a drama, a bit of revenge and love. It will come around 2014 ot 2015," added the actress who is currently shooting for "Tamanchey" with actor Nikhil Dwivedi.


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