Post Prez poll, Rahul to play proactive role in Cong: Digvijay Singh

Jul 15, 2012

New Delhi: Congress leader Digvijay Singh today expressed confidence that party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi will play a "much more proactive role" in the organisation after the Presidential and Vice Presidential polls.

"I am absolutely sure that Rahul will play a much more proactive role in mainstream of Congress Party. Let the Presidential and Vice Presidential polls get over," Singh told Aaj Tak news channel.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh. PTI

"Wait for September 2012 and everything will be clear. ...We need a roadmap in the present context and a roadmap is being drawn up," he said.

Singh said, "If he (Rahul) had gone too fast, the media would have criticised him, but now there is a demand within the party. So, I think the time has come".

Singh also defended Law Minister Salman Khurshid's reported remarks that the party had only seen "cameos" of Rahul's thoughts and ideas.

"Everyone in Congress wants Rahul to play a much active role. When Salman Khurshid said that, he merely reflected the party view," Singh said.

He said that the Indian economy will receive the much needed boost by opening up multi-brand retail for FDI and through investment proposals by some top companies.


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