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Pitt gifts Jolie $390,000 watch for wedding

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Los Angeles: Actor Brad Pitt has reportedly bought a $390,000 watch as a wedding gift for fiancee Angelina Jolie.

The couple got engaged in April and are planning a late September wedding.

Pitt has managed to buy a luxurious Patek Philippe Minute Repeater despite the fact that there is usually a two-year wait for the piece.

Each piece is checked by a member of the Stern family who own Patek Philippe at the firm's headquarter in Geneva.

"Brad decided to buy one of the amazing watches after meeting the Stern family at a watch fair in Basel," thesun.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

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"He wanted to buy Ange a unique gift that very few people own which is like a piece of art — and the highly sophisticated watch is just that," the source added.

The time piece takes two months to make and has a pearl dial and is gold.

"He (Pitt) went to Geneva to pick it up and it's believed he'll present it to Ange as a pre-wedding gift," the source said.


First Published On : Aug 8, 2012 14:24 IST

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