One dead, two cops among six injured in Uttar Pradesh

Mar 19, 2013

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh: At least one person was killed while six others, including two policemen, were injured when a mob agitated over the death of a farmer attacked a police station at Shergarh village, 48 kms from Mathura.

The clash erupted after a farmer, who had entered into an argument with some policemen, was allegedly pulled down by them from the tractor he was driving, sources said.

Personnel of Uttar Pradesh Police. AFP

Personnel of Uttar Pradesh Police. AFP

In the melee, Jitu (18) allegedly fell and later died of injuries, villagers alleged.

Infuriated over the death, villagers attacked the Shergarh police station, sources said.

One person, Babu (22), was killed and six others, including an SHO and a policeman, were injured in the firing and stone-pelting.

"In spite of firing from the public, police maintained utmost restrain and there was no firing from the police. Two persons have been killed. The situation is well within control," said superintendent of police Pradeep Yadav, who was the first to reach the spot.

The mob also set three police motorcycles on fire.

While villagers alleged that Babu died in police firing, police claim that they did not open fire.

IG Police Ashutosh Pandey was on his way to the spot when the last report came in.


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