Nicki Minaj, Carey fight an Idol Publicity stunt: Steven Tyler

Oct 7, 2012

Aerosmith star Steven Tyler thinks Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's bitter bust-up is a publicity stunt to boost 'American Idol' ratings.

Tyler, who announced he was leaving the reality show in July, believes producers have orchestrated the women's outspoken rivalry to get more viewers this season, reported TMZ online.

The 'spat' has been generating a great deal of publicity: Reuters

"Of course, are you kidding," he said when asked if he thought their furious bust-up was designed to generate more publicity.

Filming of the new series was called to a halt earlier this week after the judges' disagreement over a contestant turned into a bitter screaming match as Minaj hurled insults at Carey, calling her "boring" and threatening "off with your head!."

But 'American Idol' producers have insisted the show must go on despite the tension and pledged their support for the entire judging panel.


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