Music: Raas Rang World Flute Festival

Heaven enlightens the world when the flute responds to the tuneful whistle! The Flute captures the breath, rhythm and hence melodious music of the soul. It tugs your heart strings and draws towards the entity which cannot be captured by time or space. Flute is the symbol of Love, Peace and Water is the pious way to reach your spirituality at the length. The 3rd edition of the Raas Rang World Flute Festival will be held at the Lotus Temple this year.

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Raas Rang World Flute Festival

Tagaram Bheel from Rajasthan’s golden hued city Jaisalmer plays the Algoza. This unique double flute was invented by a devotee to impress Lord Krishna, according to the folklore.
Kusumakar Pande
Nawang Khechog - Grammy Nominee and a practicing monk for 11 years.
Pravin Godkhindi - Trained in Kirana Gharana style, has added the Tantrakaari style making him a very versatile musician. He will hold workshops for music appreciation during the festival.
Brazil Quartzo - Former member of Brazilian jazz group Acuri, Davi Mello (acoustic/electric guitars) will present his most recent project, Quartzo, alongside the talented musicians Ajurinã Zwarg (drums and percussion), Marcelo Müller (acoustic bass) and Aline Gonçalves (flutes and clarinet). Inspired by the roots of the Brazilian music, the group mixes folk Brazilian styles.
Burcu Karadag - Celebrated Ney artist from romantic Istanbul.
Dipak Sharma ensemble - A special ensemble assembled by Dipak Sharma will showcase the great heritage of north-eastern Wind Instruments which would be a delight and a learning experience for the global audience.

Where: Lotus Temple, Bahapur , Kalkaji ,  Delhi

When: 9 August-12 August

Published Date: Jul 24, 2012 11:31 AM | Updated Date: Jul 24, 2012 11:31 AM