Modern schools for Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

by Sep 9, 2013

Lucknow, Sep 8 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh will open modern schools in Muslim-majority areas to provide better education facilities to their children, an official said.

These schools would be opened in 40 districts, where the Muslim population is more than 25 percent.

Orders to prepare a blueprint for the schools has been issued by Chief Secretary Jawed Usmani. "This is essentially being done to provide better education facilities to children from the minority community," an official told IANS, not wishing to be named.

The government's scheme is being supervised personally by Urban Development and Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan.

Identification of sites for the schools has already begun, an official from the minority welfare department said .

The scheme would be implemented in two phases, with 20 districts in each case. The population of Uttar Pradesh is around 210 million, of which around 20 percent are Muslims.

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