Katie Holmes, Suri in car accident

Jul 17, 2012

New York:  Katie Holmes and her six-year-old daughter Suri were involved in a minor car accident, but remained unhurt.

The 33-year-old actress and Suri were leaving Chelsea Piers Monday night when their Mercedes got sideswiped by a garbage truck — denting the ride but doing no harm to anyone inside.

Katie Holes with daughter Suri. Reuters

Suri had been at a gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers, reported New York Daily News.

Onlookers said the accident was minor and Holmes and Suri were not seen at the scene of the crash.

"It was nothing major other than the fact that it was Katie Holmes," an onlooker said.

Police arrived on the scene and noted Holmes' chauffeur-driven vehicle had sustained a large dent and several scratches to the rear driver side panel after the Volvo truck — from Classic Sanitation Recycling New York Corp — had apparently backed into the luxury vehicle.

Holmes filed for divorce from actor husband Tom Cruise last month.


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