JPMorgan’s Dimon wants to stay at bank ‘many, many more years’

by Jul 28, 2012

NEW YORK (Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon said in an interview on Friday that he wants to stay at the bank for "many, many more years."

Dimon spoke to Reuters after announcing that he is rearranging responsibilities of many of his top lieutenants to prepare the bank for his eventual departure.

"Succession is one of the most critical things I have to do -- getting people prepared for these jobs, including mine," said Dimon, whose bank holds $2.29 trillion in assets, more than any other United States-based lender.

Dimon also said the rearrangement is "completely unrelated" to the multibillion-dollar loss from derivatives trades that the bank first disclosed in May.

(Reporting by David Henry in New York; Editing by Gary Crosse)

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