Huge security cover in Delhi for Dussera

Oct 23, 2012

New Delhi: Elaborate security arrangements, including deployment of paramilitary forces, have been made to ensure a safe Dussera in the national capital.

"Around 25,000 police personnel, including also paramilitary personnel, would be deployed on city roads," said a senior police officer.

Ready for Dussera. Reuters

Twenty companies of Delhi Police from reserved battalions and 18 companies of paramilitary forces have been set to the task of guarding the Dussera grounds, markets, railway stations and bus stands.

Early this month, Delhi Police arrested four suspected terrorists who were planning attacks in the national capital, during the festive season. Senior police officers of each district have been asked to maintain vigil during the festivities, the police officer said.

"There will be an adequately large contingent of personnel in the central and north districts," said Taj Hassan, Joint Commissioner of Police.

Three companies of Delhi Police will be deployed in different Dussera grounds, Hassan said.

"CCTV cameras have been installed at Dussera grounds. A small number of mounted police will also be used during the function," an officer said.

"Delhi Police are ready, and security measures are in place for Wednesday's festivities," Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said.


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