Hockey legend Dilip Tirkey enters Rajya Sabha

Mar 22, 2012

Bhubaneswar: Hockey legend and former Indian captain, Dilip Tirkey was among the three persons who were today declared elected unopposed to Rajya Sabja from Odisha.

Besides Tirkey, BJD leader Rabi Narayan Mohapatra of Nayagarh and A V Swamy from Nuapada, supported by the ruling BJD, were also declared elected to the upper house of Parliament to fill three vacant seats from Odisha.

Parliament of India. Reuters

The results were declared by returning officer and Assembly Secretary Amiya Kumar Sarangi after the time schedule for withdrawal of nomination was over.

As there was no other contestant in the fray for the biennial election, it would not be necessary to hold election earlier scheduled for 30 March for the three vacant seats from the state, he said.

Though four others had filed their nomination for the Rajya sabha polls, these were rejected during scrutiny as the papers were without any proposer.

The three Rajya Sabja seats had fallen vacant following completion of tenure of Kishore Mohanty, Rudra Narayan Pani and Sushila Tiriya.


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