Ensure safety of EVMs, Virbhadra tells poll panel

by Nov 25, 2012

Shimla, Nov 25 (IANS) Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee chief Virbhadra Singh, in a letter to the chief election commissioner, has expressed concern over the safety of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) stored after the Nov 4 assembly polls, a statement said Sunday.

He said although elaborate arrangements had been made by the commission to keep the EVMs in safe custody, "there are strong apprehensions of foul play by the ruling BJP".

"This seven−week long period has virtually turned into period of continuous anxiety and tension for the candidates other than those of the ruling party, fearing as they do some mischief on the part of the ruling party," the statement quoting the former chief minister said.

The results of the polling will be declared Dec 20.

Virbhadra Singh also expressed concern over the use of official vehicles by the ministers and BJP political dignitaries despite the model code of conduct in force.

"The chief minister and the ministers are frequently visiting 'melas' and attending functions as chief guest in violation of the code of conduct. The chief election commission should issue instructions to the government," Virbhadra Singh said.

The hill state registered a voter turnout of 73.92 percent in the elections to the 68−member assembly.

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