DU executive council approves syllabi changes for three subjects

by Jun 9, 2013

New Delhi, June 8 (IANS) A special meeting of the Executive Council of Delhi University has approved changes in the syllabi and scheme of examinations for subjects like history, home science and sociology for the newly-introduced four-year undergraduate programmes.

The executive council approved the recommendations made by the varsity's academic council in a meeting held here Friday.

"The recommendation of the academic council to replace the existing semester-based syllabi and schemes of examinations for home science, history and sociology has been complied with," Delhi University registrar Alka Sharma said.

"The executive council has also made the two-year post-graduate diploma in Hindi Patrakarita a one-year diploma, and approved the changes to be brought in calculating the total number of lectures required in various colleges," Sharma added.

With admission process in progress, Delhi University has announced to recruit more teachers to ease the workload that will come with the introduction of four-year undergraduate programmes from this academic session.

"We have sent a circular to all the colleges and teachers, asking them to re-access the revised teaching workload and re-appropriate students' intake in various courses so that the process of recruitment can begin immediately," Sudhish Pachauri, dean of colleges, told IANS.

DU would finish the recruitment of the teachers prior to the commencement of the new academic session 2013-2014, which begins in July.

The university has for the first time introduced four-year undergraduate programmes, under which students are required to study 11 foundation courses during the first two years -- clubbing together students who seek vocational education with those pursuing academic disciplines.

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