Digvijaya’s brother quits BJP, returns to Congress

Jan 7, 2013

Bhopal: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh's younger brother Laxman Singh has re-joined the party.

Congress general secretary in-charge of Madhya Pradesh BK Hariprasad informed about the decision to state party unit president Kantilal Bhuria on Sunday, an official release said today.

Back to Congress. Reuters

Bhuria congratulated Laxman Singh and said the party will further strengthen with his return.

Laxman had left Congress in 2004 and after joining BJP he fought the 2004 Lok Sabha election successfully on its ticket from Rajgarh. However, he failed to retain the seat in 2009 elections and since then he was trying to return to the Congress.

Sources said few days back a meeting of party workers was organised at Digvijay Singh's residence in which it was decided to give party ticket to Laxman's son Aditya Singh for Raghogarh municipality election and since then there were speculations about Laxman rejoining the Congress.


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