Delhi University constitutes anti-ragging helplines

by Jul 22, 2013

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) Delhi University will constitute control rooms with helplines to curb ragging, an official said Sunday.

"To strictly implement a Supreme Court judgment, the university will set up a control room in north campus and another in south campus July 23," said Alka Sharma, Delhi University registrar. In 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that colleges should create awareness on anti-ragging.

The helplines will work along with the 24x7 national anti-ragging helpline 1800-180-5522. The North Campus helpline will be 011-27667221 and the South Campus one 011-24119832.

"Talks are also being arranged by police officials, proctorial board and dean of students' welfare through the university's radio stations. Awareness has also been provided to Delhi Student Union office bearers, officials of police, Delhi Transport Corporation and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation," Sharma said.

Women police in plainclothes would be deployed in the varsity. Any offender caught eve-teasing or ragging even by other students will be handed over to police.

Sharma said anti-ragging and disciplinary squads have been formed in all colleges.

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