Dead monkeys found in crate shipped from India to US

Jun 8, 2012

Washington: Two small monkeys were found dead inside a crate of equipment that was shipped to a US refinery from India, a media report said.

The remains, which were in a crate of equipment at the BP Whiting Refinery, have been removed for safe disposal.

The dead monkeys were discovered while unloading a crate of valves on  Wednesday afternoon. Plant security was informed and the area was evacuated to investigate the matter, reported.


Scott Dean, BP spokesperson, was quoted as saying that the valves were part of a shipment from India.

He said the animals may have been stowaways.

He added that the company plans to get in touch with its shipper and equipment supplier about the incident.

"Sadly in this age of global transport of goods and materials, sometimes wildlife finds its way into overseas shipments," Dean said in a statement Thursday.

The wooden crate had arrived in Louisiana in June 2011 and it was then shipped to Whiting a few weeks ago.


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