Cheryl Cole planning break?

by May 11, 2013

London, May 11 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly planning to take a break from her busy career.

The 29-year-old wants to recharge herself.

"Cheryl's a trouper when it comes to her work commitments and loves nothing more than making music and getting up on stage," Daily Mirror newspaper quoted a source as saying.

"But she feels now that she needs a break and an opportunity to recharge her batteries as she's barely had any time off," the source added.

Cheryl, who was member of Girls Aloud band, now wants to spend some time with boyfriend Tre Holloway.

"Now the Girls Aloud tour has finished, Cheryl's planning to take time out and disappear from the limelight. She's in no rush to record a new album. Instead she's going to go to America and spend time in Los Angeles with Tre," the source said.

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