Candidates gear up for JNU students’ polls

by Sep 11, 2013

New Delhi, Sep 10 (IANS) As the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) gets ready for the students' union polls Friday, candidates are trying to focus on issues pertaining solely to the campus.

With demand for opening up of hostels for students, to developing infrastructure, students' security and issue of gender discrimination, the candidates voiced their opinion at the general body meeting Tuesday.

The supporters playing instruments, dancing and singing songs have been backing candidates who take the stage to answer questions from students.

Aparajita, All India Students Federation executive body member, said, "We are seeking to revive the campus culture through non-secretarian and non-decisive politics and increase JNU's famed academic and political engagements."

National Students' Union of India's Caroline Manimee, a joint secretarial candidate, said, "I want to pressurise the administration to provide hostels to the 1,300 students living with seniors or friends."

The presidential debate would begin Wednesday.

Talking about gender equality, there are four women candidates, one of whom Amrita Kumari is in the fray for the presidential post.

While the candidates vigorously voice their mandates, the university walls are adorned with paintings and hand-made posters with different parties explaining their ideology and agenda.

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