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Bubble skirts, dungarees fashion disasters of all time

London: Bubble skirts have been voted the biggest fashion faux pas of all time, according to a new UK poll.

The garments first became popular in Britain at proms and cocktail parties in the 1950s, and went on to be worn by the likes of pop stars Pepsi and Shirlie in the Eighties.

Variations of the skirt continue to appear on catwalks and in high street shops but a third of 2,000 adults polled named them as the biggest fashion faux pas, the Daily Express reported.


Those polled admitted at least five per cent of their wardrobe consisted of fashion mistakes. However, almost one in five people said they were hanging on to older items just in case they come back into fashion.

Almost 45 percent people admitted looking back on photographs and realising that an outfit looked awful. Seventy per cent of people said there was nothing worse than seeing someone squeeze into clothes which are clearly too small.

White socks worn with smart shoes came second on the list of the 20 biggest fashion disasters, followed by socks worn with sandals.

The Mailbox mall in Birmingham, which conducted the poll found that tracksuits of any kind, but in particular velour, came fourth on the list closely followed by highheeled jelly shoes.

The other biggest fashion disasters included big, wide-collared printed shirts and dungarees at 6th and 7th place respectively.

White cowboy boots came 8th on the list, speedos were ranked 9th and Polyester high-waisted bell bottoms came 10th. Leg warmers got the 11th position and wide-legged trousers were in the 12th place.

Ponchos came 13th, bum bags 14th while Union Jack shorts and rah-rah skirts were ranked 15th and 16th respectively. Football clothes, crocs, piercings and shiny shimmering shirts were also included in the list.


Published Date: Sep 24, 2012 12:36 PM | Updated Date: Sep 24, 2012 13:01 PM

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