Breastfeeding women protest after insult at cafe

Jul 5, 2012

London: Carrying signs that read "Mother Suckers", over 200 breastfeeding mothers marched through Britain's Bristol city Thursday after one woman said she was verbally abused by a waitress for feeding her baby at her cafe.

Kelly Schaecher, 28, said she had intended to breastfeed her five-month-old daughter Sasha while eating at the Park Street Cafe, The Sun reported.

Act of defiance. Reuters

But when she sat down, a waitress came over and told her she would have to sit in the corner if she wanted to feed her baby.

Schaecher said that after she left the cafe, the waitress followed her down the road and screamed: "Don't you ever come back to my cafe with your t*** out again!"

"When this happened, I was absolutely terrified, and really shocked. I was only breastfeeding, and Bristol is a really family-friendly city. You see girls in nightclubs barely wearing any clothes all the time, so why would someone have a problem with me feeding my child?" said Schaecher, who works in procurement at the University of Bristol.

Word spread about the alleged incident, and Schaecher found a Facebook page calling for mothers to meet up and breastfeed at the cafe.

On Thursday, the crowd of women went to the cafe to make their feelings known. Many were carrying signs that read "Lactavists" and "Mother Suckers".

The cafe owner apologised, and gave everyone free tea or coffee and cake.


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