Balotelli undergoes successful eye-surgery

Sep 5, 2012

Italy and Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli has undergone successful Lasik eye surgery.

The Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Balotelli had the procedure Monday, a day earlier than scheduled, to avoid having photographers and reporters waiting for him outside the laser surgery clinic in his hometown of Brescia.

Balotelli needs to rest now for 10 days. Reuters

Balotelli needs to rest now for 10 days. He is sitting out Italy's opening two World Cup qualifiers against Bulgaria and Malta, and is questionable for Manchester City's Champions League opener against Real Madrid on Sept. 18.

Balotelli is near-sighted and has worn contact lenses for years but the lenses have caused allergies recently and an abscess that led to conjunctivitis, which ruled him out of Italy's friendly with England last month.




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