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Armed forces to study health risks in higher altitude

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New Delhi: Concerned over health problems being faced by soldiers stationed in high altitude areas, armed forces will conduct studies related to blood disorders and heart diseases risks in higher altitude.

"Our aim is to make life easier for soldiers stationed in high altitude areas. It will be a comparative study of changes in the blood and heart conditions amongst lowlanders when at planes and when sent to higher altitude," said Lieutenant General Mandeep Singh, Director General Hospital Services of the Armed Forces.

Indian Army soldiers muster at their base camp after returning from training at Siachen Glacier. Reuters

The 153 General Hospital in Leh will conduct the project under Armed Forces Medical Research Corps.

"Our study will evaluate the normal hemogram or complete blood count in higher altitude and assessment of change in hematocrit (volume of whole blood) with increase in altitude," Lt Gen Singh said.

"The study will estimate each individual's lipid profile on induction into higher altitude area and again after a continuous stay of three to four months to see if any change occurs in the profile. It will give baseline data which will form the basis for subsequent detailed study on effect of high altitude on coronary heart disease risk," he said.


First Published On : Jun 20, 2012 15:27 IST

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