ICC’s proposed shake up of cricket structure to be 'worked through', says CEO David Richardson

AFP, Jul, 03 2016

Cardiff: Plans for a radical shake-up of international cricket, including the creation of two divisions in Test cricket and a new one-day league, are to be "worked through" at a September meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC) , it was announced on Saturday.

The global governing body's annual meeting concluded in Edinburgh on Saturday with few major decisions taken on a crammed agenda that could yet reshape world cricket.

Dave Richardson Internatinal Cricket Council CEO. Getty Images

International Cricket Council's chief executive David Richardson. Getty Images

But amid concerns from smaller nations such as Bangladesh that they risked permanent exile to the 'second division', the ICC deferred a decision on a new landscape for the international game.

Instead it will hold a workshop at its Dubai headquarters in early September.

An ICC statement issued Saturday after the end of its week-long Edinburgh gathering said this would allow member countries "to work through" some details.

ICC chief executive David Richardson added: "This is an unprecedented opportunity for our sport to introduce a package of bilateral international cricket structures, which are merit and performance based, have context, enhance the value of bilateral international cricket and create a highly competitive environment for cricketers so they can provide more entertainment to spectators,"

"This is a complex issue on many levels but I am heartened by the progress that has been made to date," the former South Africa wicket-keeper added.

Meanwhile further reform of the ICC to undo the system established two years ago when much money and power was invested in the sport's 'big three' nations of England, Australia and India, is underway.

ICC chairman Shashank Manohar, the Indian administrator who has been a driving force behind the challenge to the 'Big Three' set-up, said an amended constitution would be presented to the ICC board in October.

"We are looking forward to presenting the amended constitution to the Board for its consideration at the next meeting," Manohar said,

The ICC announced Saturday that trials allowing the third umpire to call no-balls instead of his on-field colleagues would take place in an as yet unspecified upcoming one-day series.

The ICC will also introduce new rules for 'umpire's call' protocol on lbw decisions on the Decision Review System, with an initial not out verdict now easier to overturn with the Hawkeye 'zone' enlarged to include a bigger portion of the stumps.

The ICC has also backed a push for women's cricket to be included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Durban.

Further discussions are also planned with the International Olympic Committee over cricket becoming an Olympic sport.

Published Date: Jul 03, 2016 | Updated Date: Jul 03, 2016

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