Supreme Court postpones BCCI hearing after fresh CAB appeal

FP Sports, Aug, 29 2013

Today’s Supreme Court hearing on the validity of the BCCI’s IPL probe panel was pushed back 24 hours because the Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) had filed a fresh appeal against the Bombay High Court’s verdict on 30 July, according to reports.

The original appeal to the Supreme Court was filed by the BCCI on 1 August. The CAB filed its appeal on 13 August, according to NDTV.

The Supreme Court will hear the BCCI's case on 30 August. Reuters

The Supreme Court will hear the BCCI's case on 30 August. Reuters

In its verdict, the Bombay High Court found the BCCI had violated its own rules in forming the panel that investigated allegations of spot-fixing and betting in the IPL, and ruled the panel null and void. However, the court left it up to the BCCI to constitute a new panel and investigate the allegations.

Now, in a Special Leave Petition (SLP), the CAB has said the Bombay High Court should have either formed a new panel to investigate the allegations or decided to monitor a panel formed by the BCCI.

"Essentially, we want the court to suggest an alternate mechanism of investigation to be fair to all parties," a CAB official told NDTV.

According to ESPNcricinfo, the CAB argued that the very reputation of the BCCI was at stake in the case and quotes the association’s SLP as follows:

“the High Court failed to appreciate that the IPL Operational Rules are only concerned with breaches of discipline that affect the IPL. The present matter deals with alleged violations that, if enquired properly, would likely bring into question various broader issues, such as the integrity of players (who may, after the IPL season, play under the India banner), nexus between administrators of the Board, administrators of IPL teams and players, and various other factors that have led to the sharp reputational crisis that faces Respondent No.1 today."

The Bombay High Court’s verdict was handed down on 30 July, two days after the two member-probe panel comprising retired Tamil Nadu High Court judges T. Jayaram Chouta and R. Balasubramanian handed in its report clearing Gurunath Meiyappan, board president N Srinivasan’s son-in-law, and Raj Kundra, the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, of all the allegations against them.

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Published Date: Aug 29, 2013 | Updated Date: Aug 29, 2013

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