Sachin will know when to retire: McGrath

FP Sports, Sep, 04 2012

Glenn McGrath is back in India after being named as the successor to Dennis Lillee at the MRF Pace Foundation. And with the media currently obsessed with Sachin Tendulkar and his retirement, Glenn McGrath told Times of India in an interview that it would be best to leave the decision to the man himself.

"Look, to me Sachin Tendulkar is still a wonderful batsman. I saw him bat today for a while and he was middling it pretty well. As a batsman, he has seen it all and if he feels, there are areas to work on, he will do that. And I know you'll ask whether Sachin should retire, and my answer would be 'Leave it to Sachin. He will know when to go," said the legendary pacer.

The Aussie great has had numerous duels with Tendulkar. Reuters

McGrath played his last match on Indian turf in 2009, when he turned out for Delhi Daredevils in a Champions League match against the Royal Challengers at Bangalore.

The Aussie great has had numerous duels with Tendulkar-- taking his wicket six times in nine Test matches and seven times in 23 ODIs.

McGrath also spoke about the void left behind by VVS Laxman's retirement, but he seems confident in Virat Kohli's ability: "VVS was really an astonishing player. I have been on the wrong end of some Lara classics, but that innings of 281 he (VVS) played at the Eden Gardens (2001) is one of the best innings I have seen on-field...When such great players go, you are bound to feel a void, but Virat Kohli is coming up very well."

You can read the full Times of India report here.

Published Date: Sep 04, 2012 | Updated Date: Sep 04, 2012

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