PCB prepares to sue BCCI for compensation over refusal to play bilateral series

PTI, Apr, 28 2017

Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is set to legally notify the BCCI by next week about compensation for India's refusal to play bilateral series.

Action from the India vs Pakistan encounter in the 2015 World Cup. AFP

Action from the India vs Pakistan encounter in the 2015 World Cup. AFP

A top official of the PCB told PTI that the board's legal advisor Salman Naseer had visited London recently in connection with the preparation of the legal battle.

"He went there to complete the preparations for filing claim for compensation. We have already told the BCCI officials at the ICC meeting that we intend to sue them for compensation," he said.

The official said the compensation claim would be for the revenues Pakistan would have generated by hosting India in two series under the MoU signed between the two boards in 2014.

The official made it clear that it was not PCB's problem if the BCCI failed get clearance from its government to play against Pakistan since the ICC was an independent body and its members had to honour commitments with each other.

He said that Pakistan had not opposed the 'Big Three' system of governance and distribution of revenues among member countries from ICC events in 2014 because of the MoU signed with India.

"We feel that we are justified and legally in a strong position to now claim compensation from the Indian board for all the losses we have suffered because of their refusal to play us," the official said.

Under the MoU, India and Pakistan were scheduled to play six series - three of them home events for Pakistan between 2015 and 2023.

"But that has not been the case and we lost estimated revenues close to $200 million,” the official said.

Published Date: Apr 28, 2017 | Updated Date: Apr 28, 2017

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