Nobody thought of reverse-sweeping fast-bowlers, T20 changed the game: Tendulkar

hidden, Jan, 20 2016

Chennai: Sachin Tendulkar played just one Twenty20 International in his over two-decade long career but the iconic Indian batsman says there is no denying that the format has completely changed the way cricket is played, especially batting.

At an event to announce ICC's partnership with MRF Tyres ahead of the World Twenty20 Championships in India between March and April, Tendulkar spoke about how the format has revolutionised the game.

Saachin Tendulkar. BCCI

Saachin Tendulkar. BCCI

"T20 has changed the dynamics of cricket, the way it is played. For example, nobody thought that batters could play reverse sweeps off fast bowlers to short third-man stands. It has changed cricket big time," Tendulkar said at the launch of the four-year partnership.

"Spectators also enjoy watching T20. I believe it is a lighter format for someone who is not familiar with the game. It is the right dosage of cricket and excitement. The matches are fought to the finish and the results are close. It throws up different intensity altogether for three hours at a stretch," he added.

Tendulkar, who was one among the brand ambassadors of last year's ODI World Cup, said not having any such role for the upcoming T20 showpiece makes it easier for him to put on his cheering cap for India.

"...everyone is waiting for this opportunity to go and support India. This time I am not ambassador of ICC like last year when I had to say things discreetly and had said that the defending champions are ready to defend but this time I can say that India will go all the way," he said.

Tendulkar also took the opportunity to salute the spirit of Chennai during the destructive floods last year.

"This is my first time to Chennai after the floods in December. It was a difficult time and people from various parts of India extended their helping hand and getting things back on track. A big big thank you to all of them and it shows that it is the real character of our country. That is something that India is known for," he said.


Published Date: Jan 20, 2016 | Updated Date: Jan 20, 2016

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