Dravid would've declared on 994: Twitter reacts to Pranav Dhanawade's 1009-run knock

FP Sports, Jan, 06 2016

It was a 'grand' innings by Pranav Dhanawade, literally. The 15-year-old boy did something so incomprehensible, so outrageous, one couldn't even think it up. Batting for KC Gandhi school at HT Bhandari Cup inter-school cricket tournament, Pranav hit a jaw-dropping 1,009 runs off 323 balls, hitting 129 fours and 59 sixes along the way.

Pranav Dhanawade raises his bat, after a reaching a 1000 runs. PTI

Pranav Dhanawade raises his bat, after a reaching a 1000 runs. PTI

He smashed individual score records to smithereens. The previous record, held by AEJ Collins' 628 not out for for Clark’s House against North Town in Clifton College in 1899, was over a hundred years ago.

And in a cricket-crazy country, where an Indian team batsman struggles to hit a 1,000 runs over a season, fans went crazy to see a teenager do it in a single innings! And all of them, fans, cricketers, pundits, rushed to Twitter, as always, to laud the kid's effort. And some just did what a bona fide Twitterati would do — troll.

If Dhanawade hit a 1,000, Twitter hit a million dollars on the day, and here's a look at the best of them:


From the master himself

The CM too didn't wait in any queue

A few uncharacteristic sound and sober words on Twitter

More pawar to the boy!

Oh, yes we are are minds are boggled

Nothing quite like good 'ol fashioned truth

And some dwelling...

Oh! below the belt at South Africa

And of course, they'll come calling and say words like 'contract'

An ode to Indian parents

And the usual Twitter stuff...

Published Date: Jan 06, 2016 | Updated Date: Jan 06, 2016

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4097 105
4 Australia 3087 100
5 New Zealand 3114 97
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1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 4579 114
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
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2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115