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India vs South Africa 4th ODI as it happened: India clinch win despite de Villiers masterclass

  • So the 35-run win for India sets it up beautifully for the final match of this series as the teams move to Wankhede - what a setting for what promises to be a cracker. That's it from us here at Firstpost. Join us on Sunday around 1230 PM for the live coverage of the series decider. 

    This is Vinayakk, signing off. 

  • Man of the match is Virat Kohli: If AB starts cramping, you can imagine how tough it was. He is one of the fittest guys around. It always feel good to make a century when the team wins, I was able to make a big innings scoring first. Prefer 100s while chasing, because I can finish the win. All the more special to  socre it in a winning cause. Told AB my heart was in the mouth when he was batting, he could play any shot in the book.

  • MS Dhoni: It was an important win, we bowled well batted well. For the first time in series you could say we played well overall. Good thing almost everyone has scored in this series going into the decider. Virat played exceedingly well - the 30-40 runs after the 100 where the most crucial. Really difficult to hit the big shots off bouncers from the scuffed balls towards the end. Imporatant that bowlers took the responsibility. Didn't feel the need to use a part-timer.

  • AB de Villiers: Nice crowd to play in front of. Fans will be happy about it going down to the last game. No chance [that I'll tell you that the toss decided it]. Think so, this is a tough pitch to play on. Virat scored a fantastic 100,  great to see him play like that. I never felt in [during my innings]

  • Presentation ceremony underway in Chepauk..

  • Harbhajan Singh: I am enjoying whenever I am getting the chance to bowl, enjoying the moment. A typical off-spinners dismissal to get Quinton de Kock, enjoyed it. [toned down celebrations] to save energy for bowling. Overall a good performance.

  • Harbhajan Singh: I am enjoying whenever I am getting the chance to bowl, enjoying the moment. A typical off-spinners dismissal to get Quinton de Kock, enjoyed it. [toned down celebrations] to save energy for bowling. Overall a good performance.

  • Tahir and Rabada play out the over but India clinch a series-levelling win by 35 runs. It was a case of two master batsmen's scintillating centuries, as Kohli's 138 trumps ABdV's 112.

  • Last over of the match coming up. Mathematically, India's game now.

  • Bhuvi finishes his 10 overs, 3-68. A slew of slow ball bouncers and bouncers in that over. The Proteas have taught him well.

    After 49 overs, SA 257/9 (Rabada 6, Tahir 0)

  • Rabada plays a super cover drive off the first ball from Mohit for four. Tahir meanwhile decides he needs early dinner and waits outside the crease for Rahane to get a direct hit right, but Rahane does not oblige. The match goers on. Bhuvi from the other end.

    After 48 overs, SA 257/9 (Rabada 6, Tahir 0)

  • Mohit Sharma continues. India one wicket away from a series-levelling win.

  • OUT! That's wicket #9 and it's Bhuvi again - AGAIN - with the short ball. Short ball, front-foot pull from Steyn and Rahane runs from deep square leg, covers good distance to take a good catch. That's Bhuvi's third wicket after a stinker of an opening spell. 

  • OUT! That's wicket #8 and it's Bhuvi again with the short ball. Well-directed bouncer and the top edge is taken by Axar at short third man. 

  • Seven runs from Mishra's over as India look to close this out. 

    After 46 overs, SA 246/7 (Phangiso 16, Steyn 5)

  • OUT! That's the big wicket! That should be the match! AB de Villiers walks back to a standing ovation from Chennai crowd. Bhuvi comes back into the attack despite the poor figures and a bouncer gets AB's top edge and goes to Dhoni. One of the great ODI innings - AB gone for 112 (107)

  • Axar Patel with a good over in the scheme of things - just five from it. 71 required from 36 balls. 

    After 44 overs, SA 229/6 (De Villiers 108, Phangiso 9)

  • Wow! Back-to-back sixes to go from 91 to 103. Sehwag would be proud. What a knock from AB de Villiers. Charges down the track against Mishra and flat bats it over long off to bring up his 22nd century.

  • Four singles from Mishra's 8th over. India will take that. ABdV's fitness holds the key, it's fair to say?

    Harbhajan with his 10th from the other end. After 4 singles from the first 5 balls, ABdV gives a not-so-warm sendoff to Bhajji - depositing his last ball over midwicket for a six. What a player! 3 short of a century. Bhajji finishes with 10-0-50-2.

    After 42 overs, SA 214/6 (De Villiers 97, Phangiso 5)

  • Five runs in that over from Mohit. ABdV running out of partners? Mohit welcomes Phangiso with a bouncer on helmet. Crucially AB keeps strike.

    Harbhajan from the other end for his 9th over. First signs of cramping from ABdV. After a Dhoni-esque two doubles from the first two balls, he dances down the track - cramp and all - and chips Bhajji over mid-off for four. 10 runs from that over, but Phangiso will take strike next over.

    After 40 overs, SA 200/6 (De Villiers 87, Phangiso 1), 100 runs required from the last 10 overs.

  • OUT! Chris Morris is gone - run-out by a direct hit from Ajinkya Rahane. Morris was hit on the pads by Mohit, a huge appeal followed - Morris was stuck in the crease but ABdV was already at his end. Rahane with a bulls-eye. SA 6 down now.

  • Ooooof, inhuman shot by ABdV. Steps down the track, Bhajji fires it down the leg side, he reverse sweeps it from leg stump for four through covers! UNBELIEVABLE! Six runs from Bhajji's over.

    Axar from the other end and Morris shows he can bat too. His turn to reverse sweep it over deep cover for four. Six runs from that over too. RRR 9.23 but still in it, SA.

    After 37 overs, SA 180/5 (De Villiers 72, Morris 7)

  • Bhuvi continues and will be glad he got to bowl five balls at Morris after AB takes a single off the first ball. Four dot balls follow, then oddly, a single off the last ball. Dhoni would be chuffed with that. 

    After 35 overs, SA 168/5 (De Villiers 66, Morris 1)

  • There are two different matches happening simultaneously here, ladies and gentlemen. ABD takes the attack to Mishra - first a pull that flies to the midwicket for four, then the reverse sweep comes out, again for a four. That's 5 boundaries in the last 7 balls he has faced. Mishra then outfoxes Morris with two proper leg-spinners. ABD is a superman.

    After 34 overs, SA 166/5 (De Villiers 65, Morris 0)

  • Bhuvi comes back into the attack and his horror night continues - three 4's in that over. A short ball pulled, another shot ball slapped through covers, and then a streaky inside edge past Dhoni. Brings up his 50 in that over. This one is not over yet, folks!

    After 33 overs, SA 157/5 (De Villiers 56, Morris 0)

  • OUT! Amit Mishra gets the breakthrough. Behardien is given out LBW as he was playing a sweep to a very full ball - hit him just in line. Was it spinning away? Not sure. Behardien was given a life just earlier as a clear outside edge was not given out.  

    Wicket maiden from Mishra

    After 32 overs, SA 144/5 (De Villiers 43, Morris 0)

  • Just three runs from Mohit Sharma's over - this is an excellent spell as he could well have gone for runs if SA wanted to target the faster bowlers.

    After 31 overs, SA 144/4 (De Villiers 43, Behardien 22)


  • Excellent over from Mohit Sharma - just one run from it. Mohit tests Behardien with the bouncer, there was also one ball which tailed back in to Behardien - first signs of reverse swing.

    Mishra continues from the other end and Bhuvi at mid-on was in the thick of things there. First a mistimed pull by ABD falls short of him, but Behardien was halfway down the track and a wild throw sees him get back in time. Then a mistimed sweep falls behind Bhuvi who was tracking back. 

    After 30 overs, SA 141/4 (De Villiers 42, Behardien 21)

  • Just two runs from Mishra's over as the required run rate is now 7.45. *which is of course nothing with ABD still there*

    After 28 overs, SA 136/4 (De Villiers 40, Behardien 17)

  • Mohit gets a good line going on his comeback. No hint of reverse unlike for the SA bowlers. Four runs from it. Good partnership this so far, 46 runs in about 9 overs. ABD still capable of taking this away from India, but you already know that.

    After 27 overs, SA 134/4 (De Villiers 39, Behardien 16)

  • He's been a class apart..

  • Mohit Sharma into the attack. A bit of a breather for the spinners? (and for live commentators all over the world who were typing away furiously with the spinners rushing through the overs)

  • A chance-y over played out by ABD as Mishra continues. After a stupendous on-drive off the first ball - dancing down the track and driving it on the move to long on for four - ABD first gets beaten by the slider outside off. Comes down again but the ball takes to first slip off his toe, Raina missed a direct hit from slips as ABD was well out of the crease. Another leading edge then falls short of mid-on.

    After 26 overs, SA 130/4 (De Villiers 36, Behardien 15)

  • Mishra from the other end and ABD releases the pressure off the very first ball with a super lofted sweep for four. Five singles after that make it a good over for SA. One ball in that over stopped on ABD that he chips in the air through the vacant cover region.

    Axar from the other end. After very tight first five balls in the over, ABD brings out the lofted sweep again for a four. Six from that over. Keeping the Reqd rate in check, is ABD. 

    After 25 overs, SA 124/4 (De Villiers 31, Behardien 14)

  • Amit Mishra - the man who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons - is into the attack and gets some turn right away. He is pushing it quicker than the other two though. Four runs in that over as AB got three from a well played late square cut. 

    Axar continues with two slips for Behardien. Just two runs in that over. Behardien tries to go for the full monty in the fifth ball but completelt misses the slog sweep. Is beaten the next ball. 

    After 23 overs, SA 109/4 (De Villiers 19, Behardien 11)

  • Eventful over from Axar goes for 8 runs. After AB edges one that turns a bit much wide of Raina first slip, Mishra chases it down to keep it to 3. The next ball is a beauty that takes Behardien's edge and goes between Dhoni and Raina in first slip. Clear chance but both the fielders froze.

    After 21 overs, SA 103/4 (De Villiers 15, Behardien 9)

  • This is the last recognized batting pair for SA with no JP Duminy in tdoay. Clearly India's match to lose now. Harbhajan's over goes for 5 runs. Five singles. 

    After 20 overs, SA 95/4 (De Villiers 12, Behardien 4)

  • Axar continues from the other end, no Amit Mishra yet. Two runs from the over as Axar finishes his fifth.

    After 19 overs, SA 90/4 (De Villiers 10, Behardien 1)

  • OUT! Harbhajan strikes again! This time its David Miller. The ball skids on after pitching as Miller plays for the turn  and hits him plumb in front. This was after Miller released some pressure with a sweep shot for four. Excellent spell from Bhajji. 

    After 18 overs, SA 88/4 (De Villiers 9)

  • Harbhajan continues. Again two slips for the left handed Miller. A loud appeal from the Indians off the last ball as AB plays for the big turner but the ball straightens and hits him on the pad - outside off stump though and Ravi gets it right. 4 runs in that over as ABD almost gets Miller at the other end with another straight drive.

    Axar in great rhythm at the other end. After Miller takes a single, Axar troubles ABD through out that over. On stumps consistently. Just one run from that over.

    After 17 overs, SA 84/3 (De Villiers 9, Miller 2)

Preview: India will aim to stay alive in the five-match One-Day International (ODI) series when they take on South Africa in the fourth match at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium.

Trailing 1-2, India's batting has been a cause for concern as they lost the first and third matches. In the second match in Indore, where they won, a defiant skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni's unbeaten 92 saved them from the danger of being bowled out inside 200.

File picture of MS Dhoni. AFP

File picture of MS Dhoni. AFP

Dhoni may also face a test of a good batting combination. The debate has not only been about his batting position but also about his deputy, Virat Kohli's. In the first two ODIs, Ajinkya Rahane scored two fifties batting at No.3 but he failed at Rajkot, while Kohli, who was struggling, scored a half-century after being promoted to No.5.

It's a conundrum that Dhoni has to solve as his batting position has also been questioned -- primarily due to India's failure in chasing down gettable totals.

Opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan and seasoned left-hander Suresh Raina have not delivered so far and pressure will increase on them if they don't pull up their socks in Chennai.

While Dhawan has 73 runs against South Africa in the past five matches, including the two Twenty20 Internationals, Raina, a trusted limited overs batsman, has scored just three runs in the ODI series.

On the bowling front, leg-spinner Amit Mishra's availability is in doubt following a police case registered in Bengaluru by a Mumbai-based film producer against the Haryana cricketer. His unavailablity will surely unsettle India's slow bowling plans and could force Dhoni to hand a debut to Gurkeerat Mann. Other slowe bowlers will be Harbhajan Singh and younbg left-armer Axar Patel.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohit Sharma have performed decently and if Dhoni prefers left-arm medium pacer Sreenath Arvind, who replaced Umesh Yadav, will be interesting. Karanataka's Arvind played in the T20Is.

Meanwhile, South Africa will also ponder options after all-rounder Jean-Paul Duminy was ruled out of the rest of the series with a hand injury. The left-handed batsman's replacement Dean Elgar's late arrival might force captain AB de Villiers to bring in right-arm paceman Chris Morris, who also can be a handy lower-order batsman.

However, South Africa are on top of their game, winning the T20I series and the two ODIs so far. AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis are in good form.

At Rajkot, opener Quinton de Kock scored a century to mark his return to form and that should please the visiting camp. David Miller, who was struggling, also showed signs of recovery as he scored 33 after being promoted to open the batting.

Hashim Amla, meanwhile, has not been up to his level, scoring just 59 runs. He has not been able to convert starts and, come Thursday, the right-hander will look out to sort his thinking.

The South African pace attack has not been at its very best on the Indian tracks, but Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Kagiso Rabada have been effective. Leg-spinner Imran Tahir will lead the Proteas' spin attack.


Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4497 105
4 New Zealand 3114 97
5 Australia 3294 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 5266 117
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 1625 125
2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115