India 146 all out, SA win by by 134 runs

Ashish Magotra, Dec, 08 2013


de Kock adjudged Man-Of-The-Match

"It was very satisfying. Just want to enjoy it as much as you can. It's always awesome (batting with Amla). I don't know what it is but it's just something," said de Kock. "Maybe I'll get one more century in the third ODI but I just want to do my thing. I want to win three in a row."

AB de Villiers speaks

"I always felt like we will be in the game especially given the way the seam bowlers are performing today. Quinney and Hash are batting brilliantly and they can only get better from here."

Dhoni speaks

"Batting wise I don't think we played too many shots. and i don't think the shot slection was wrong but the execution wasn't. SA's fast bowling is very accurate and they don't try too many things. They are consistent," said Dhoni. "Not much swing or seam for the first bowlers. Spinners brought us back in the game. We were quite happy with the target. Reason being it was a good wicket."

"We need to keep it simple (ahead of the third ODI). Don't get worried about the games you lose. Most important is how we stand up from here. Performance-wise we have to improve the batting," Dhoni added.

35.1 overs
Ind 146 all out.

This is pretty humiliating. India just didn't turn up. A slower ball did Shami in. Of the three heaviest defeats India have suffered against SA while chasing have come at Durban - 157 runs, 2006 and 135 runs, 2011 (via ESPNCricinfo). We have a Test there too on this tour. That is a scary thought.

Also, India first ODI series/tournament loss in 2013 since losing 1-2 to Pakistan in January. In between have won six in a row.

Mohammed Shami b Tsotsobe 8 (14b)

34.4 overs
Ind 146-9

Bowled. Umesh played as badly as India's top order batsmen. There has been no let up from Steyn.

U Yadav b Steyn 1 (5b)

33.2 overs
Ind 145-8

What a catch! AB De Villiers was at least two feet off the ground when he got that on the boundary line to send Jadeja back. Super. Super. Super.

R Jadeja c de Villiers b Tsotsobe 26 (34b, 1x4, 1x6)

32 overs
Ind 139-7

Shami and Jadeja batting now. With no real goal in sight. Well, Jadeja can t least get some practice ahead of the Test series.

30.5 overs
Ind 133-7

The end is near now. It was short and wide but Ashwin wanted to pull it. Got a thin edge. Gone.

R Ashwin c de Kock b Steyn 15 (26b, 1x4, 0x6)

23 overs
Ind 74-6

David Miller takes a stunner at cover. Third stunning catch of the innings -- SA have been just brilliant in the field. Raina timed it well but it really didn't matter.

S Raina c Miller b Morkel 36 (64m, 3x4)

19.5 overs
Ind 74-5

De Kock dived to his right and took a brilliant one-handed catch to send back Dhoni. Super catch and good bowling by Philander too. It started raining a bit too.

18 overs
Ind 63-4

India need a big partnership here. Somehow teams don't go in for the kill. If SA had kept Steyn in the attack, we might have had an early end -- instead, they are allowing the batsmen to get set. Steyn has bowled just four overs at this point, he can surely bowl three more at least. Why allow Dhoni to get a feel for the conditions...

16 overs
Ind 58-4

Dhoni and Raina still in the middle. They are not looking to play big shots. They are looking to survive. Of course, it helps to have Duminy bowling.

12 overs
Ind 43-4

Somehow, India haven't lost a wicket for two overs. There have been chances but India have survived. We don't know how.

10 overs
Ind 35-4

Is this game already over? Philander into the attack and Dhoni on strike. The only question now really is how big the defeat is going to be.

8.4 overs
Ind 34-4

Rahane walking back after making just 8. It was wide outside the off-stump and Rahane went for it -- got an edge to the keeper. The umpire did not hesitate to give him out but Rahane was not happy. Replays show that there was daylight between the bat and the ball. Terrible decision.

A Rahane c de Kock b Morkel 8 (17b, 1x4)

7.4 overs
Ind 29-3

Rohit Sharma gone now. Brilliant catch at short mid-wicket by Amla. Quick reflexes -- it was high and he got the timing of the jump right too. Stunning, simply stunning. That wicket belongs to Amla.

R Sharma c Amla b Tsotsobe 19 (26b, 2x4)

7 overs
Ind 25-2

Slow and steady that's the way to do it. No need to play the big shots this early. That's how the SA openers did it and that is how India needs to do it as well.

5 overs
Ind 17-2

Wonderful stuff by Steyn. Lots of short balls -- this is anything but easy for Rahane who is up the order -- ahead of Raina.

3.5 overs
Ind 16-2

Kohli gone. Steyn softened him up and then Tsotsobe bowled one outside the off-stump and Kohli edged it behind the wicket.

V Kohli c de Kock b Tsotsobe 0 (5b)

2.2 overs
Ind 10-1

Steyn gets the wicket, Dhawan goes for the big drive, ends up hitting it straight to point. Will hurt India.

S Dhawan c Duminy b Steyn 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

2 overs
Ind 10-0

Rohit Sharma already looking much better. Some nice shots, there is not much swing for the bowlers today.

1 over
Ind 5-0

It took Rohit just one ball to get off the mark today. Steyn went down the leg-side and Rohit helped himself to an easy single.

Play about to begin

Steyn ready to steam in and Rohit Sharma on strike.

49 overs
SA 280-6. McLaren 1

Delayed start meant the innings is just 49 over. But it turned out to be a big over from SA -- 20 runs off it. SA finish with 280-6 thanks to that but at one point, they looked good for plenty more. Still, India will believe they have a chance. The ball is swinging and seaming like Jo'burg.

47.4 overs
SA 255-6. McLaren 1

And Kallis is gone. He is probably done at least when ODIs are concerned. He went for the big shot but the bat was nowhere close to the ball and the leg-stump went for a walk.

J Kallis b Mohammed Shami 10 (13b, 1x4)

46.3 overs
SA 249-5. Kallis 5

Duminy run out. He hesitated while going for the second run -- because Kallis was so slow -- and the throw caught him out. Good throw from the deep by Umesh Yadav.

JP Duminy run out 26 (29b, 2x4)

46 overs
SA 245-4. Duminy 25, Kallis 2

194-1 after 36 overs and now 11 overs later, just 51 runs have been added. Batting suddenly isn't easy.

44 overs
SA 233-4. Duminy 18

WICKET! Not out though, big inside edge that the umpire failed to spot. India won't mind it though.

D Miller lbw b Mohammed Shami 0 (3b)

43.3 overs
SA 233-3. Duminy 18

12th ton for Amla, off 116 balls, 3rd vs India, 8 fours, 58 ones, 5 twos. Brilliant, controlled knock and then just like that he was gone. It was a really high bounce, Amla tried to get on top of it but got an edge to Dhoni. A soft dismissal. David Miller is in next.

H Amla c Dhoni b Mohammed Shami 100 (117b, 8x4)

42 overs
SA 222-2. Amla 96, Duminy 11

Duminy slammed some very quick runs at the Wanderers but this is not an easy surface to bat on -- the ball is stopping and that makes strokeplay difficult.

40 overs
SA 216-2. Amla 91, Duminy 9

And the SA innings starts rolling forward again but they need someone to go absolutely nuts now. If they can get to 300, it will deflate India even more.

36.2 overs
SA 199-2. Amla 84

Superb ball. It pitched in line, brought the batsman forward, turned to beat him and then MSD completed an easy stumping.

AB de Villiers st Dhoni b Jadeja 3 (4b)

35.1 overs
SA 194-1. Amla 82

Ashwin gets the wicket. Finally, India have a wicket. The powerplay over are on and de Kock could have hit that anywhere but he picked out Rohit at square leg. Brilliant hitting but a chance for SA to go after the bowling now.

Q de Kock c RG Sharma b Ashwin 106 (118b, 9x4)

33 overs
SA 183-0. de Kock 101, Amla 78

Third hundred for de Kock this month and his second back-to-back against the Indians. It took him 112 balls and 8 fours.

33 overs
SA 180-0. de Kock 99, Amla 77

This is almost like watching West Indies vs India. Only India have morphed into West Indies and South Africa into India. Yes, that's how bored we are. Come on India, show some fight!

31 overs
SA 171-0. de Kock 93, Amla 74

Record partnership at the ground for Amla-de Kock. Superb batting. Nothing else to say.

30 overs
SA 165-0. de Kock 91, Amla 70

This is too easy for SA. One ball from Ashwin turned and bounced over the stumps in the last over. The record opening stand at this wicket is 170. By the old records, they should get 320 today.

28 overs
SA 154-0. de Kock 87, Amla 63

Amla has been in superb touch. Reuters

Amla has been in superb touch. Reuters

This is pretty boring cricket. Are we back into the 90s? Tigers at home and zeroes abroad? India aren't even trying to take a wicket here. They are trying to get through the overs and hoping that their batsmen can do the job.

26 overs
SA 144-0

On 59, Amla reached 400 runs in ODIs. It took him just 81 innings to reach the landmark. He is the fastest to mark, Viv Richards did it in 88 inns, Kohli 93, Greenidge 96. SA haven't even tried to go after the bowling today. They have milked it and anyone know why Umesh Yadav has bowled just 2 overs today.

23 overs
SA 130-0

Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and R Ashwin on a wicket that should help pacers more than spinners. Strange captaincy by Dhoni -- perhaps limited by his choices. 29 runs in the last 4 overs.

22 overs
SA 122-0

11 runs off over including a Amla classic cover drive that sped over the soggy outfield. Stunning shot. India need to do something now or we could have a blow out.

21 overs
SA 111-0

Ready steady stuff. India are just waiting -- waiting for someone to do something special. Right now, Dhoni doesn't know who that will be.

20 overs
SA 106-0

'Why is Raina bowling before Jadeja?' asks the commentator. Especially when India need a wicket. One of the theories is that India want to get the fifth bowler out of the way. Honestly though, it won't make much of a difference if this partnership continues to build.

19 overs
SA 101-0

And it's time for drinks. A chance for India to figure out something, someway to get a wicket. For the moment though, India are looking pretty helpless. de Kock and Amla haven't tried to force the pace. They have built a partnership and a foundation for the rest of the batsmen to follow.

18 overs
SA 97-0

India have no answers at the moment and have turned to Kohli as they look for a breakthrough. Another part-time bowler into the attack. Average first innings score at Durban is 240.

16 overs
SA 90-0

De Kock gets his 50 off 57 balls and he looks good for plenty more. Amla has been moving along smoothly as well. India are in trouble already.

14 overs
SA 75-0

South Africa haven't even pushed it but just like that, they are cruising at faster than five runs an over. This is the kind of platform they had in the first ODI -- they are getting it again.

13 overs
SA 73-0

The perfect over -- singles off the first five balls and then a four off the last ball. A nine-run over just like that.

12 overs
SA 64-0

Good over from Raina. Just two runs off it.

11 overs
SA 62-0

Ready good, steady stuff by the South Africans here. India don't have any answers. The run-rate is almost up to 6. Suresh Raina into the attack now.

10 overs
SA 58-0

Just two slips now. One of the catching fielders moves to leg gully and de Kock gets another four -- standing tall and playing it off his toes. Super shot. Ishant hasn't had much of an impact. Ashwin into the attack.

9 overs
SA 48-0

de Kock played two classic shots off the first two balls in the last over -- a front foot pull off a 140 km/h delivery and a straight drive off the very next ball. Nothing much in the rest of the over. India haven't looked like getting a wicket.

8 overs
SA 38-0

No wickets for India. That is the only thing that should matter for Dhoni and India. The Indian skipper would have wanted a bigger impact after electing to bowl first.

6 overs
SA 27-0

This isn't a 300-wicket and that might suit Ishant. The tall, lanky bowler is cranking it up to 139 km/h. Much faster than he was in the series against Australia. An edged four of the last ball took SA to 27-0. De Kock 14, Amla 11.

5 overs
SA 21-0

Shami is working up some good pace. The third ball was edged to the slips by de Kock but it dropped short of Ashwin at first slip. If he had been a yard further up, he would have caught that. Ashwin seems to have picked up an injury and is off the field -- may be a split webbing.

4 overs
SA 19-0

Ishant Sharma is into the attack. It's been a while. He was dropped and went back to play some Ranji Trophy. Dhoni trying to see which bowler is getting the most out of the conditions. India have three slips in place today -- they need early wickets. And it almost worked. The fourth ball saw a leading edge go through gully. The ball seems to be holding up on the batsmen but SA openers are taking the singles.

3 overs
SA 15-0

First time Yadav overpitched (the second ball of the over) and de Kock times it well, straight down the ground and four. Splendid shot. Then again, the fifth ball was short, de Kock rocked back and pulled it for four. Some momentum for SA already.

2 overs
SA 7-0

Dhoni doesn't want to take too much of a risk. He is not giving Ishant the new ball. Shami bowls from the other end. The right-armer wasn't right on target -- a wide and another on the pads (Amla got a couple off that) -- until the last ball when he got one to go past Amla's outside edge.

1 over
SA 2-0

India have decided to fight pace with pace and made wholesale changes to the pace attack. Yadav and Ishant into the team -- they add some pace and bounce to the attack. De Kock and Amla gave SA a good start in the first ODI and will want to do the same again. No alarms in the first over and the outfield is terribly slow.

Huddle up

A quick huddle after the national anthems. India take the field. South Africa still have the edge but Umesh Yadav should spice things up a little.

Moving scenes at Durban

Archbishop Njongo Ndungane speaks about Madiba before the singing of the national anthems: "Nelson Mandela was God's instrument of peace."

An emotional AB de Villiers pays tribute to Nelson Mandela - "I consider myself very privileged to have grown up in the Mandela era."


Shaul Pollock: There won't be as much seam movement. There won't be as much bounce as the Jo'burg. South Africa won't mind batting first.


Dhoni wins the toss and India will bowl first. Yuvraj is not fit, Rahane comes into the team. Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav get a game too.

For South Africa, Vernon Philander comes into the team.

SA XI: H Amla, Q de Kock, J Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, D Miller, R McLaren, V Philander, D Steyn, M Morkel, L Tsotsobe

IND XI: RG Sharma, S Dhawan, V Kohli, A Rahane, S Raina, MS Dhoni, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, I Sharma, M Shami, U Yadav


Match will begin at 1500 hrs IST, reduced to 49-overs-a-side. The power play will still be 10 overs

More delays

The inspection has been pushed by 20 mins. Next call will be taken at 1410 hrs IST.

Delayed start

Umpires will inspect the ground at 10:20 local time.

Green and grey

The grass on the pitch is green and the skies are grey. The ball will move around and there are changes to be made. Dhoni would love having new ball bowlers with pace -- does that mean the return of Ishant Sharma or Umesh Yadav? Or will he stick with the same attack?

The other worry will be the batsmen. How will the young Indian stars cope with the swing, seam and pace of the SA pace attack? India have a lot of questions to answer.

Steyn attack

On the eve of the match here Saturday, Steyn was spitting fire through his words just like his bowling and said that India's 141-run loss in the first ODI in Johannesburg was like a wake-up call for the World No.1 side.

"In India the ball doesn't get higher than the stumps. This is not Mumbai. Here, they cannot score easily in different areas and it is going to be hard to play here. And there is more of that coming on Sunday," he said.

Read more here

Morkel was deadly for the South Africans too. AP

Morkel was deadly for the South Africans too. AP


Faced with a do-or-die situation after their crushing 141-run defeat in the first match, India would look to turn around their fortunes with an improved show, especially in the bowling department, when they take on South Africa in the second ODI in Durban on Sunday.

The Indians, licking their wounds after an embarrassing defeat in Johannesburg, have been left with no other option but to win tomorrow to stay afloat in the three-match series which has been dedicated to anti-apartheid icon and former president Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday.

They were greeted by overcast conditions at this eastern coastal city which has been experiencing rain for the past week. Although there was talk that the pitch at Kingsmead stadium will be more to the Indians' liking, the lack of sun will surely have a bearing in some manner. The whole of South Africa is mourning following the sad demise of Mandela and the Indian team, for once, would be hoping that their opponents are distracted.

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