ICC Women's World Cup 2017 final: No point being proud of Mithali Raj and Co, who gifted the trophy to England

Bikram Vohra, Jul, 24 2017

And so it came to pass that we didn't have the bottle. In some way, wish our women's cricket team had lost the World Cup final by a lot of runs rather than a mere nine runs. Sure we choked from 191 for three to being skittled out; you blame not Tegucigalpa players but the coaches. That's is where they come into play. Don't sky the ball. Don't take risky omigoodness runs. Don't lose your cool. None of that happened and to a great extent if the team and its advisors shot themselves in the foot, they could hardly limp to the winning post.

They gifted the World Cup and no I for one am not proud of the performance or the absence of mental strength. The semi-finals they played with royal panache. We wrecked their balance by placing them on a pedestal. But they did not have it in them. You can lose when the opposition is better than you not when the greatest stakes in the world are handed over gift-wrapped to the other side.


The English bowling was not particularly brilliant. Nor the fielding. The batting had already semi-collapsed and on all three fronts, India was ahead. Then the team decided to turn amateur and forget that it was a professional outfit who was paid to play.

No point being proud of our girls

And all that consoling stuff.

Time to be harsh and pull the coaches and the think tank over the coals. They just sit there on the sidelines sogging.

I am all for graceful defeat when the other team is better but when you reverse the equation and then you allow the lesser team to trample over you you don't deserve support.

The English kept the faith and we did not.

Proud of the way you girls got into the finals but dismayed at the way you couldn't graft runs and romp home.

Irresponsible attitude and no clue how to get to the finishing line.

Published Date: Jul 24, 2017 | Updated Date: Jul 24, 2017

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4097 105
4 Australia 3087 100
5 New Zealand 3114 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 4579 114
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 1625 125
2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115