ICC Champions Trophy 2017, England vs New Zealand, cricket score and highlights: Hosts win by 87 runs; through to semis

  • That's it from us in our coverage of the sixth match of the ongoing Champions Trophy, with England beating New Zealand comprehensively to storm into the semi-finals of the tournament. Eoin Morgan's men overpowered the Black Caps in all departments today, and it was the latter's collapse after the dismissal of captain Kane Williamson that led to their demise in this game. 

    Do join us tomorrow for the Group B clash between South Africa and Pakistan at Edgbaston, which is scheduled to start at 18:00 hrs IST. Till then, goodnight! 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    England become the first team to qualify for semis of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. 

    Qualification scenarios for Group-A:

    If Australia beat England on Saturday then Australia will become the second team to qualify for semis from group-A. 

    If England defeat Australia on Saturday then whosoever wins the match between New Zealand and Bangladesh on Friday will become the second team to qualify for semis from group-A. 

    If both matches (New Zealand v Bangladesh and England v Australia) get washed out then Australia will become the second team to qualify for semis from group-A because they were seeded higher than the others. 

    If New Zealand v Bangladesh fixture gets washed out and England beat Australia then one of Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh will qualify for semis for group-A on the basis of net run rate.

  • Kane Williamson: I think in all areas, England outplayed us today. Credit to them for the way they conducted business today. We were trying to get that partnership, and momentum. Even though we got the partnership, we were trying to increase the run-rate. It was a tough surface, and we did lose wickets. England used the dimensions of the ground very well. 

  • Eoin Morgan: I think it went okay. We put ourselves in a really good position. We gave ourselves every chance to get a big score, and it came off nicely. We actually learnt from our batting innings. We put a lot of cross-seamers and cutters today, and I thought our bowlers were outstanding. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    4-wicket hauls in first two matches of ICC Champions Trophy:
    Douglas Hondo
    Mitchell McClenaghan 

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    When the end came, it arrived quickly. New Zealand is bowled out in the 45th over, miles adrift of its target. No longer is the team’s destiny in its hands. The Kiwis never really recovered once Williamson was dismissed. Till he was there, 311 looked gettable. But for the second game running, New Zealand’s lower order let the team down. A victory over Bangladesh on Friday might be enough but there are too many variables in play now. An early exit is a distinct possibility.

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    That in the end is a very efficient performance from England who are now into the semi finals of the Champions Trophy. There were suggestions that they hadn’t quite made enough with the bat despite starting well and when Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor were starting to get going things looked slightly ominous, but they kept their cool to fight back and seal what was in the end a fairly resounding victory.

  • Jake Ball is the Man of the Match for his figures of 2/31 from eight overs.

    Ball: It's a great feeling (on qualifying for the semis). We've got one more game left, against the Aussies, it would be great beating them in the group stage. 

  • After 44.3 overs,New Zealand 223/10 ( Trent Boult 0 , )

    Plunkett wipes out the remainder of the Kiwi tail, with Milne and Southee holing out to mid-on and deep midwicket respectively while looking for the big shots. Plunkett finishes as the pick of the England bowlers with figures of 4/55. With that, England are through to the last four, becoming the first team to do so! 

    England win by 87 runs, and become the first team to enter the semi-finals of Champions Trophy 2017! 

  • OUT! Fourth wicket for Plunkett as Southee holes out to Roy at deep midwicket while looking for a big hit! And that is the end of the New Zealand innings, with England coasting to a massive 87-run win to become the first team to qualify for the semi-finals! NZ 223 all out! 

    Southee c Roy b Plunkett 2(6)

  • OUT! Tame dismissal fro Milne in the first ball of the 45th over. Tries going big down the ground, but ends up chipping it to Rashid at mid-on. NZ 223/9

    Milne c Rashid b Plunkett 10(11)

  • After 44 overs,New Zealand 223/8 ( Adam Milne 10 , Tim Southee 2)

    Four leg byes at the start of Wood's ninth over, with the ball deflecting off Southee's thigh. Four more singles follow in the over. One wonders how much longer will the Kiwi tail-enders keep the fight going after this. 

  • After 43 overs,New Zealand 215/8 ( Adam Milne 8 , Tim Southee 0)

    Plunkett returns to the attack for his ninth over. Anderson holes out to Hales at the deep square-leg boundary in the fifth ball of the over, with Anderson heading back to the pavilion for 10. Milne ghets an inside edge in the last ball that runs away to the fine-leg fence. Seven off the over. 

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    England closing in on what now looks like a very comfortable victory, Corey Anderson had been New Zealand’s last if albeit very faint hope of victory, but with him now gone things look very bleak for the Black Caps.

  • OUT! Anderson walks back for 10, and it is turning out to be a one-sided contest now! Holes out to Hales at the square-leg boundary off Plunkett's bowling. NZ 211/8

    Anderson c Hales b Plunkett 10(15)

  • After 42 overs,New Zealand 208/7 ( Corey Anderson 9 , Adam Milne 2)

    Rashid gets Santner stumped with a clever piece of bowling — firing it wide outside leg while noticing the batsman dance down the track. Neat work by Buttler behind the stumps as well. Milne, the new batsman, walks out to the centre. Lobs a low return catch to Milne first ball, which Rashid fails to hold on to. Four runs and the wicket of Santner in this over. Anderson fighting a lone battle right now. 

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    Adil Rashid is being rewarded with some wickets late in this spell after some tidy earlier overs that helped keep New Zealand under pressure. Santner will be perhaps feeling a little sheepish to have been stumped off a wide, a fairly ignominious end for the all rounder.

  • After 41 overs,New Zealand 205/7 ( Corey Anderson 8 , )

    Anderson drives the first ball of the third powerplay, finding the extra-cover fence after beating a couple of fielders. The boundary also brings up the 200 for New Zealand. Santner tries going big in the last ball of the over, but the ball lands just short of a diving Moeen at long-on. 

  • OUT! Santner is stumped while coming down the track, and looking to go for a big hit against Rashid. New Zealand 203/7

    Santner st Buttler b Rashid 3(9)

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    The final 10 overs to go and it seems New Zealand has hit a wall. Too many dot balls at the moment. 113 runs are needed with just four wickets remaining. Corey Anderson could still win this for the Kiwis but it increasingly seems like a wishful proposition. In the previous edition of the Champions Trophy, New Zealand was knocked out when it lost a rain-affected match to England following an abandonment of its meeting with Australia. A repeat is on the cards now, even though the weather did not shorten the match today. New Zealand, though, may want to shore its net run rate, when defeat looks certain.

  • After 40 overs,New Zealand 198/6 ( Corey Anderson 3 , Mitchell Santner 2)

    Just two runs in Rashid's ninth over, and the fact that New Zealand haven't crossed 200 at the end of the second powerplay, with just four wickets remaining in their kitty, is a sign of the battle virtually being over. Anderson's presence though holds some hope for New Zealand. Two runs off the 40th over. 

  • After 39 overs,New Zealand 196/6 ( Corey Anderson 2 , Mitchell Santner 1)

    Morgan brings Stokes back into the attack in the 39th over, and the New Zealand-born all-rounder would be the best bet to get a couple of more breakthroughs, and seal the game in England's favour. Just two runs off this over. 

  • After 38 overs,New Zealand 194/6 ( Corey Anderson 1 , )

    Anderson almost jogs out to the crease while coming out to bat, and gets off the mark with a single in the second delivery that he faces. He loses the support of Broom at the end of the over, with the latter trying to review the successful lbw appeal against him in vain. Just three runs and a wicket, and the Black Caps have little hope left now, unless a miracle takes place. 

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    The wickets of Jimmy Neesham and Neil Broom make the waters muddier for New Zealand. It could be said that Broom's dismissal was good riddance for the Kiwis as he could manage just 11 off 21 deliveries. Neesham, though, tried to get a move on but holed out in the deep. New Zealand’s challenge now relies on Corey Anderson. If he goes anytime soon, it will be curtains.

  • OUT! Now it is Adil Rashid's turn to strike, as he traps Broom lbw. The latter tries to review, but in vain, as the ball is shown to be clipping the top of off, which results in the decision staying the same as that of the umpire. NZ 194/6

    Broom lbw Rashid 11(21)

  • After 37 overs,New Zealand 191/5 ( Neil Broom 9 , )

    Neesham launches the penultimate delivery of the over over the long-on fence to get his first six, and perishes while attempting a second consecutive six, finding Hales at deep midwicket. 10 runs and a wicket in this eventful over. 

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    England tightening the screw here by simply refusing to panic. Neesham had just dumped Plunkett over long on for an absolute whopper of a six, but the England bowler came back with a slower bowler and the New Zealand man obliged by mistiming it and pulling straight to Hales in the deep. Good stuff from England in the last few overs.

  • OUT! Neesham perishes while looking for a big hit towards the leg side, and they are fast sinking towards a defeat at the moment. Holes out to Hales at deep midwicket. NZ 191/5
    Neesham c Hales b Plunkett 18(14)

  • After 36 overs,New Zealand 181/4 ( Neil Broom 7 , Jimmy Neesham 10)

    Rashid brought back into the attack in the 36th over of the innings. Appeal for lbw turned down in the third delivery of the innings, with Morgan opting for DRS. The fact that it was pitching outside off kills the review. Three runs off the over. 

  • After 35 overs,New Zealand 178/4 ( Neil Broom 7 , Jimmy Neesham 7)

    New batsman Neesham doesn't take long to get into the attacking mode, lofting the penultimate delivery of the over towards the long-on boundary. Seven off the over, with the chase now looking very bleak for the Black Caps. 

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    Only 12 runs had come off the 21 balls before Ross Taylor’s dismissal. The pressure got to him and he goes away after a strange 39 off 59 deliveries. This seems like England’s game to lose now. New Zealand did not make good use of its lower order batting in the previous match when it had to score quickly. Today will require a smarter response. The required rate is close to nine per over.

  • After 34 overs,New Zealand 171/4 ( Neil Broom 6 , Jimmy Neesham 1)

    Ball begins the over by keeping it short, Taylor cuts it away to third man for a single. Another shortish delivery, Broom blocks it. Broom looks to nudge one away but inside edges it onto his pads and the ball falls back on the pitch. They take a quick single. OUT! Taylor falls for 39. New Zealand end the over with three runs; a single and couple.  

  • OUT! Taylor flicks it straight to Joe Root at midwicket. New Zealand lose two wickets in quick succession. The pressure was building and someone had to go for the shots. The settled batsman, Taylor, did but lost his wicket in the process. James Neesham is the new man in.

  • After 33 overs,New Zealand 166/3 ( Ross Taylor 38 , Neil Broom 3)

    Plunkett, who was off the field for a bit a while ago, returns to the attack. Taylor tries slashing the second delivery towards the leg side, but nearly gets caught at backward point after an agile leap by Roy. Five singles off the over. 

  • After 32 overs,New Zealand 161/3 ( Ross Taylor 35 , Neil Broom 1)

    Ball continues from the other end. Taylor nearly chops the first ball onto his stumps in the first ball, walking away with a single instead of the slow walk back to the pavilion. Just three singles off the over, with the English pacers bringing the pressure back on the Black Caps batsmen. 

  • After 31 overs,New Zealand 158/3 ( Ross Taylor 33 , Neil Broom 0)

    Wood into his eighth over, and he gets the huge wicket of Williamson in the second ball of the over. The ball kicks up unexpectedly, and Williamson is rendered clueless against the uneven bounce as he gloves it to the keeper. Neil Broom walks out to the crease, and is yet to get off the mark at the end of the over. Excellent over by Wood, with two runs and the wicket of Williamson coming off it. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor's last five stands in England in ODIs: 
    121, 206, 101, 99, 95 (Today)*

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    The surface has finally outdone the seemingly insurmountable genius of Kane Williamson. Mark Wood had been causing problems from this end, unaffected by the challenge of bowling into the breeze. Another of his deliveries rose on the batsman and the Kiwi skipper is gone. Could be the point on which this game turns. The required equation is not beyond New Zealand but now it's up to Ross Taylor to guide his team home. Plenty of batting to come but Taylor has not looked entirely convincing and there's not much time for a new batsman to settle in.

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    That’s exactly what England needed, it’s the danger man Williamson who gets a snorter from Wood that he can only fend behind to Buttler. That was a cross-seamer from Wood, something Graeme Swann says Stuart Broad advocates on this ground precisely because the ball can occasionally rear up just as it did to remove the New Zealand skipper. England get their foot back in the door. Williamson was looking so calm.

  • OUT! Wood gets the huge wicket of Williamson! Morgan's decision to turn back to his premier pacers has reaped its dividends! Williamson walks back disappointed, missing out on a second consecutive century by 13 runs. Another cross-seamer from Wood kicks up unexpectedly, catching Williamson by surprise as well as his glove, before getting deflected onto Buttler's gloves. Drinks taken after the dismissal. New Zealand 158/3

    Williamson c Buttler b Wood 87(98)

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    England in desperate need of a wicket at the moment, so Eoin Morgan turns to both his new ball bowlers in Mark Wood and Jake Ball in an attempt to dislodge one of this pair. Williamson though looks worryingly untroubled.

  • After 30 overs,New Zealand 156/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 85 , Ross Taylor 33)

    Jake Ball reintroduced into the attack in the 30th over, with three singles coming off the over. Morgan has turned to his pace options, now that the medium-pace and spin ones aren't quite working for England. 

  • After 29 overs,New Zealand 153/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 83 , Ross Taylor 32)

    Another tidy over by Wood, with just two runs coming off it. The situation for England captain Morgan at the moment is an alarming one. Should Williamson and Taylor stick around for a few more overs, the vine could get too thick for them to cut down. 

  • After 28 overs,New Zealand 151/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 82 , Ross Taylor 31)

    Rashid continues from the other end, with Williamson and Taylor choosing to keep it calm in this over, and keep the scoreboard ticking with four singles. The team 150 comes up in this over. 

  • After 27 overs,New Zealand 147/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 80 , Ross Taylor 29)

    Wood returns to the attack in the 27th over. Williamson chips the first ball down the ground to get an easy boundary, with his timing being every batsman's dream. Wood, though, comes close to getting the breakthrough on a couple of occasions. The first was in the third delivery, in which Williamson loft drives just short of sweeper cover. Taylor then chips a short ball — more like a length delivery that kicked up — towards the off-side, with the ball landing just short of the fielder at cover. Four runs off the over. 

  • Priyansh, Sports writer

    At the halfway point, New Zealand has improved its situation. Losing only two wickets in the first 25 overs is a good achievement, considering the troubles the Kiwi batsmen had to face initially. 134 of the 311 required runs have been scored too, so the asking rate is not out of control. Significant progress was made in recent overs as Williamson demonstrated a more proactive approach. Taylor’s slow start (11 off 26 balls) also seems to have been overcome now.

  • After 26 overs,New Zealand 140/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 74 , Ross Taylor 28)

    Taylor comes down the track in the third ball of Rashid's fifth over, and hammers it away to long-on. Two singles follow, with six coming off the over. The Black Caps are progressing nicely at the moment, with the partnership between Williamson and Taylor worth 77 at the end of the over. 

  • Charles Reynolds, Freelance cricket writer from Cardiff

    Kane Williamson looking very ominous from an England point of view, Eoin Morgan attempts to snare him with various traps set in the field, but the Black Caps’ skipper is too good for them and is just manipulating the ball around the field at will. Adil Rashid perhaps offers England the best hope of a breakthrough at the moment, although this pair have started to eye the short boundary down the ground which is slightly troubling for England.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Kane Williamson (against England and India) becomes the second player to score five consecutive fifty-plus scores against two different teams in ODIs after Dean Jones (against New Zealand and Sri Lanka).

Latest update: 45th over: Plunkett wipes out the remainder of the Kiwi tail, with Milne and Southee holing out to mid-on and deep midwicket respectively while looking for the big shots. Plunkett finishes as the pick of the England bowlers with figures of 4/55. With that, England are through to the last four, becoming the first team to do so! England win by 87 runs, and become the first team to enter the semi-finals of Champions Trophy 2017!

Preview: New Zealand will look to revive their Champions Trophy campaign by beating England in Cardiff on Tuesday after a frustrating start to the one-day international tournament.

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand captain, lived up to his billing as one of the world's best batsmen with a superb hundred in their Group A opener against Australia at Edgbaston on Friday.

England captain Eoin Morgan and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson.

England captain Eoin Morgan and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson.

A late collapse meant New Zealand's total of 291 was less than it might have been but, even so, Australia had slumped to 53 for three before rain ended the match before the 20 overs required in the second innings to constitute a result had been bowled.

The upshot was that Australia and New Zealand received just a point apiece, while England took two after defeating Bangladesh by eight wickets in their opener at the Oval.

Tuesday's match is now all the more important to New Zealand's bid to get out of the four-strong group and reach the semi-finals of a tournament featuring the world's top eight ODI teams.

But New Zealand opener Martin Guptill said the side would draw strength from their showing against Australia — the team that beat them in the 2015 World Cup final.

"Absolutely," Guptill told reporters in Cardiff on Monday.

"We did some very good things in that last game, and it was unfortunate the rain came when it did."

New Zealand's aggressive approach to white-ball cricket has had a huge influence on England.

Guptill was involved when New Zealand hammered England by eight wickets in a World Cup group match two years ago.

But he said Eoin Morgan's men were now a much improved one-day outfit.

"It's very much a new-look England side over the last couple of years, and it's worked very well for them," said Guptill.

"We play our way, and they play their way, which is a similar brand, and it works for both teams."


Heavy rain in Cardiff on Monday left New Zealand contemplating the prospect of another washout but Guptill said: "We can't control the weather. We've just got to deal with it."

He added: "We can't let that dictate the way we play. We still have to go out and do our things to be aggressive and take it to the opposition. If we take a step back, then we've already lost the game before stepping out there."

Tuesday's match features two of cricket's brightest batting talents in Williamson and England's Joe Root.

Just as Williamson made a hundred against Australia, so too did Root against Bangladesh.

"They can both be destructive without hitting those massively big shots — they kill teams softly," said Guptill. "They know the game inside and out, and their own games.

"They know where there are areas to hit, where they can to certain bowlers. So it's a master-class when they get going.

"If either one gets in, you know it could be a long day for whoever is in the field."

Tuesday's fixture takes place amid heightened concerns over security following recent terror attacks in Manchester and London.

But Guptill said the Blackcaps were reassured by the International Cricket Council's arrangements to protect teams.

"The ICC have assured us that our safety is their number one priority, and they keep giving us updates daily about what's happening and what their plans are for us," Guptill explained.

"So we feel very safe at the moment. On behalf of the Black Caps, I'd like to let people know our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families through this tough time."

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Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4097 105
4 Australia 3087 100
5 New Zealand 3114 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 4717 115
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 1625 125
2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115