I would ask the PM to hold a complete clean-up in the PCB: Abdul Qadir after Pakistan's World T20 misery

hidden, Mar, 25 2016

Karachi: Former Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir has demanded that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) be asked to take Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials to task and investigate them.

The NAB is an autonomous body initially constituted by former military dictator Pervez Musharraf to act as a watchdog and investigate cases of corruption and mismanagement in institutions and corporations.

Qadir, usually an outspoken character, also said that there was 'groupism' in the national team as a result of mismanagement by the PCB, which has led to the disastrous performances in the Asia Cup and World T20 events.

"The PCB is the property of former and present players who have played for the country. The cricket affairs must be handed over completely to these players to put an end to this decline in Pakistan cricket," Qadir told PTI.

Former Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. Reuters

Former Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir. Reuters

He said that given the riches and mismanagement in the PCB it was time the NAB held an inquiry into its affairs in detail.

"I would ask the prime minister to hold a complete clean up in the board, selection committee and team and direct NAB to carry out its investigations into the cricket affairs and against corrupt officials," he said.

The leg-spinner, who played 67 Tests, further criticized the PCB Chairman, Shaharyar Khan for giving negative statements about the team in the middle of the World T20.

"If he is so disappointed and critical about the team's affairs and performances he should resign and set an example for others to follow," Qadir added.

Qadir said the Prime Minister should sack Shaharyar and his close aide Najam Sethi and appoint former players in their

He said he had no doubt there were groupism in the team after the way the side lost to New Zealand.

"This is because the selection committee has pampered their favorites and kept out deserving players. Allowing back tainted Mohammad Amir is a case in example."


Published Date: Mar 25, 2016 | Updated Date: Mar 25, 2016

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