Highlights ICC Champions Trophy 2017, South Africa vs Sri Lanka, cricket score and updates: Proteas complete 96-run win

  • That's it from us in our coverage of the third match of the ongoing Champions Trophy, with South Africa completing an emphatic 96-run win over Sri Lanka to open their campaign on a strong note. 

    Do return tomorrow for the cracker of a game between India and Pakistan — the mother of all contests. We are looking forward to the contest tomorrow. But for now, it is time for us to sign out. Good night! 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most 4-fors in ICC tournaments: 

    7 - Shahid Afridi 
    6 - Muttiah Muralitharan, IMRAN TAHIR*
    5 - Lasith Malinga 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Consecutive ODI victories against Sri Lanka:

    14 - Australia, January 1985-March 1992 
    10 - West Indies, June 1975-October 1987 
    8 - SOUTH AFRICA, July 2014-June 2017

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    South Africa has truly flexed its bowling muscles today at the Oval. Sri Lanka simply wasn't up to it. The bowling and fielding from South Africans was sharp and relentless. Sri Lanka needed one good partnership in the middle overs to set up the chase. They would go back to the drawing board from here and rethink their team composition and batting approach.

  • AB de Villiers: What pleased me was that we competed in every single ball today. We have Pakistan next at the Edgbaston. We'll see what plans work against them. 

  • Upul Tharanga: We bowled well in the first 10-15 overs, didn't get the wickets. We play against India (next), and will hope to come back strongly. 

  • Man of the Match: Imran Tahir bags the award for his figures of 4/27 as well as a direct hit that resulted in the run-out of Suranga Lakmal. 

  • After 41.3 overs,Sri Lanka 203/10 ( Kusal Perera 44 , )

    Tahir it is who gets the honour of bagging the final wicket, and finishes with match-winning figures of 4/27! Perera remains stranded on 44, just a hit away from what would have been his ninth ODI fifty. For the Lankans, it caps a disappointing day in office as they were outperformed in all departments. More so after doing well in the first 10-15 overs of both innings. 

  • OUT! Tahir gets his fourth wicket, as South Africa complete an emphatic 96-run win in their tournament opener at the Oval! SL 203 all out.

    Pradeep c Duminy b Tahir 5(12) 

  • After 41 overs,Sri Lanka 203/9 ( Kusal Perera 44 , Nuwan Pradeep 5)

    The Lankans have now gone past 40 overs, and both Pradeep and Perera get a boundary each in Rabada's eighth over, with the latter hammering it down the ground to bring up the team 200. Perera, whose batting style is often compared to that of Sanath Jayasuriya, is now a hit away from his ninth ODI fifty. 

    Sri Lanka need 97 to win from 54 balls.

  • After 40 overs,Sri Lanka 194/9 ( Kusal Perera 40 , Nuwan Pradeep 0)

    Seems as if both Perera and Pradeeo are trying to bat the remaining overs out. Just two runs off Morris' seventh over. Perera meanwhile, is 10 runs away from a half-century at the moment, and will look to get to the milestone as a compensation in a lost battle. 

    Sri Lanka need 106 to win from 60 balls.

  • After 39 overs,Sri Lanka 192/9 ( Kusal Perera 38 , Nuwan Pradeep 0)

    Rabada into his seventh over, and gets his first wicket in the first ball of the over, as Malinga plays a short ball outside off onto his stumps. Rabada keeps last man Pradeep on his toes with some sharp bowling in the remainder of the over. 

    Sri Lanka need 108 to win from 66 balls.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    It's all over bar the shouting for Sri Lanka. South Africa's famed bowling attack created the pressure and captured wickets at regular intervals to turn SL chase topsy turvy after the opening wicket scare. The finishing rites are all that remain to bury SL. They are 9 wickets down and still short of target by over 100 runs. Match is as good as over. SA impressive in gaining win and points

  • BOWLED EM! Malinga plays onto his stumps while looking to give himself some room for a cut. Rabada finally gets his first wicket of the tournament. The Proteas are closing in on a massive win at the moment. SL 192/9

    Malinga b Rabada 1(2)

  • After 38 overs,Sri Lanka 192/8 ( Kusal Perera 38 , Lasith Malinga 1)

    Morris bowls the 38th over. The second ball raps Prasanna on the pads. Looks pretty adjacent to the stumps. The umpire rules 'out'. The batsman is not convinced. He asks for a review, but replays show the on-field decision was spot on. Sri Lanka lose another wicket in the space of three balls. Tahir shows he is not only a fine bowler, he can field pretty well too. Hits bulleye with a direct throw. Lakmal out. A run and two wickets in that over. The Proteas see the shore on the horizon!

  • OUT! Another wicket falls for Sri Lanka. Suranga Lakmal run out. Fantastic piece of fielding by Tahir. Sri Lanka 191/8 in the 38th over. 

    Lakmal run out (Tahir) 0(3)

  • OUT! Prasanna caught in front of the stumps. Out given on the field. Morris strikes. The batsman goes for a review but replays confirm the on-field umpire's decision. Sri Lanka 191/7 in the 38th over.

    Prasanna lbw b Chris Morris 13(20)

  • After 37 overs,Sri Lanka 191/6 ( Kusal Perera 38 , Seekkuge Prasanna 13)

    Perera gets his fourth boundary in the third ball of this over, guiding a short ball down towards fine-leg. Has been an off-colour day for KG so far in the day, and he is yet to get a breakthrough so far. 

    Sri Lanka need 109 to win from 78 balls.

  • After 36 overs,Sri Lanka 187/6 ( Kusal Perera 34 , Seekkuge Prasanna 13)

    SIX! Prasanna pulls the second ball of Morris's fifth over, and ends up clearing the midwicket boundary! Well what do you know! These two are putting up some resistance at the moment, and are doing their bit to frustrate the South African bowlers even if the game appears out of their hands already. 11 off the over.

    Sri Lanka need 113 to win from 84 balls.

  • After 35 overs,Sri Lanka 176/6 ( Kusal Perera 32 , Seekkuge Prasanna 4)

    Rabada returns to the attack in the 35th over, with Perera and Prasanna keeping the scorecard ticking with singles in the first five deliveries. Meanwhile, Perera is fairly well-established at the crease at the moment. 

    Sri Lanka need 124 to win from 90 balls.

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    Sri Lanka has looked listless after the initial fireworks at the top. Imran Tahir has once again shown the worth of picking wickets in those middle overs. Sri Lanka simply didn't have the bowling depth to attack enough in the middle overs. Regular fall of wickets with some tight bowling and exceptional fielding from South Africa has really tightened the screws on Sri Lankan batsmen. The only reason they are not already out of the game is the exceptional start they got.

  • After 34 overs,Sri Lanka 171/6 ( Kusal Perera 29 , Seekkuge Prasanna 2)

    Morris returns to the attack in the 34th over. FOUR! Perera slaps the third ball of the over towards the midwicket boundary, where a diving Maharaj fails to stop the boundary. Five off the over. 

    Sri Lanka need 129 to win from 96 balls.

  • After 33 overs,Sri Lanka 166/6 ( Kusal Perera 24 , Seekkuge Prasanna 2)

    Parnell completes his quota of overs with figures of 54/0. Gives away just a single off it. The required run-rate is touching eight at the moment, with their run-rate barely hovering above five at the moment. 

    Sri Lanka need 134 to win from 102 balls. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Leg-spinners to take three or more wickets in a debut ICC Champions Trophy match:

    Sachin Tendulkar 
    Mohammad Ashraful 

  • After 32 overs,Sri Lanka 165/6 ( Kusal Perera 23 , Seekkuge Prasanna 2)

    Tahir into his eighth over. Perera sweeps the third ball towards the leg side, beating the fielder at backward square-leg to bring up the first boundary in more than eight overs. Seven off the over.  

    Sri Lanka need 135 to win from 108 balls.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    South Africa have really tightened the screws on SL. The period from 20 to 30 overs have seen the bowlers extend their dominance over the SL batsmen. They have given away just 34 runs and picked up two more wickets to have SL reeling at 157 for 6. The ploy of letting leg spinner Imran Tahir express himself while the others choked the batting worked very well. Tahir has already bagged three wickets to virtually ruin the chase. 

  • After 31 overs,Sri Lanka 158/6 ( Kusal Perera 17 , Seekkuge Prasanna 1)

    Parnell into his penultimate over, and sticks to the testing line outside off. Just one run off the over, with Morkel saving a few runs with an agile dive at mid-on to restrict Perera to a single in the second delivery. 

    Sri Lanka need 142 to win from 114 balls.

  • After 30 overs,Sri Lanka 157/6 ( Kusal Perera 16 , Seekkuge Prasanna 1)

    Another superb over by Tahir, getting his third wicket courtesy an outside edge by Gunaratne that travels straight into the hands of Parnell at cover point. Just two runs off the over, with the game appearing pretty much over for them at the moment. 

    Sri Lanka need 143 to win from 120 balls.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Imran Tahir has taken 29 wickets post 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in form of LBWs and bowled which is the most by any bowler. The next best is Rashid Khan with 27 wickets. 

  • OUT! And that's wicket number three for Imran Tahir, as Gunaratne pushes the second ball of the over straight into the hands of the cover point fielder! SL 155/6

    Gunaratne c Parnell b Tahir 4(13)

  • After 29 overs,Sri Lanka 155/5 ( Kusal Perera 15 , Asela Gunaratne 4)

    Parnell continues to tie the Sri Lankan batsmen up, giving away just four runs off it including a leg-bye. Not a single boundary for nearly six overs now, and it is contributing to the rising pressure for the Lankans at the moment. 

    Sri Lanka need 145 to win from 126 balls.

  • After 28 overs,Sri Lanka 151/5 ( Kusal Perera 14 , Asela Gunaratne 2)

    Tahir into his sixth over, and he has bowled a gem of a spell so far, showing once again his valuable he is in the shorter formats. The 150 comes up in this over, with just two coming off it. 

    Sri Lanka need 149 to win from 132 balls.

  • After 27 overs,Sri Lanka 149/5 ( Kusal Perera 13 , Asela Gunaratne 1)

    Parnell into his seventh over, and continues to keep it tight at one end, giving away just two singles in this over. New batsman Asela Gunaratne, who shot to fame for his match-winning knock in a T20I against Australia earlier this year, gets off the mark with a single.

    Sri Lanka need 151 to win from 138 balls.

  • After 26 overs,Sri Lanka 147/5 ( Kusal Perera 12 , Asela Gunaratne 0)

    Tahir continues from the other end, and ends up getting rid of Tharanga in the second ball of the over. The Lankan captain might have lost his concentration a bit, and ended up serving a simple catch to Miller at sweeper cover. Another shout for a catch in the penultimate delivery of the over, though Perera places this one just short of the long-off fielder. 

    Having lost half their side with less than 150 on board chasing 300, Sri Lanka now need a miracle to scrape through. Sri Lanka need 153 to win from 144 balls.

  • OUT! Tahir now gets the big fish, netting Tharanga as the Lankan captain loft-drives straight into the safe hands of Miller at sweeper cover. Sri Lanka 146/5

    Tharanga c Miller b Tahir 57(69)

  • After 25 overs,Sri Lanka 145/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 57 , Kusal Perera 10)

    Change of bowling, with Parnell returning to the attack. Bowls a tidy over by giving away just two runs off it. The partnership between Tharanga and Perera is worth 28 at the end of the over, and is building into a useful one. 

  • After 24 overs,Sri Lanka 143/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 56 , Kusal Perera 9)

    FOUR! Pulled away by Tharanga in the first ball of Tahir's fourth over. Misfield by Rabada at backward point a couple of deliveries later, allowing Perera to complete his single. Seven off the over. 

  • After 23 overs,Sri Lanka 136/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 50 , Kusal Perera 8)

    Perera sweeps the second delivery of the over towards the square-leg boundary to lift some pressure off the Lankans, with this one also happening to be the first boundary of his innings. 

  • After 22 overs,Sri Lanka 132/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 50 , Kusal Perera 4)

    Tahir into his third over, with Tharanga getting to his half-century in this over, nearly getting run-out while coming back for a risky second run. 

  • Fifty up for Upul Tharanga, and he gets there in 59 deliveries, coming back for a risky second run and nearly getting run-out at the striker's end. Gets to his 32nd ODI fifty having hit five boundaries so far. Has made the most of the drop by Rabada at the start of the innings. 

  • After 21 overs,Sri Lanka 127/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 47 , Kusal Perera 2)

    Spin introduced from both ends in this over, with Duminy being handed the ball. With two left-handed batsmen out there at the centre, this was the sensible decision on the part of the Proteas. Three runs and a bizarre referral in this over, with umpire Dar going upstairs for a needless appeal for a stumping aganist Tharanga. 

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    SL were going strong at 87 for 1 at the end of 10 overs. The next 10 overs have seen SA pulling back very strongly. The team has given away only 37 runs and captured three top line batsmen in the period. Suddenly SL look outclassed. What a change of fortunes. SA's bowlers, Morkel, Morris and Tahir have bowled splendidly, with ABD's superb fielding  adding to the pressure.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Magnificent run out pulled off by ABD. Chandimal run out for 12. ABD now has one superb catch and this brilliant run out. What a cricketer! Lanka reeling.

  • After 20 overs,South Africa 90/1 ( Hashim Amla 39 , Faf du Plessis 24)

    Another gem of an over by Tahir, giving away just one runs off it. Fools new batsman Kusal Perera with a googly that the latter fails to read completely, and ends up getting beaten. Tahir tried appealing for a caught-behind, though umpire Dar didn't look too interested. 

  • After 19 overs,Sri Lanka 123/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 45 , Kusal Perera 1)

    Morkel continues from the other end, and and gives away just six off this over, including a wide in the second ball of the over. Tharanga is approaching his half-century at the moment, though he is running out of partners at the other end. 

  • After 18 overs,Sri Lanka 117/4 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 41 , Kusal Perera 0)

    Tahir was held back until the 18th over, and his introduction into the attack brings two swift wickets for South Africa. Chandimal is run-out at the non-striker's end thanks to ABD's brilliance, while Kapugedera fails to pick a googly, and ends up getting trapped plumb leg-before. Just one off the over with two wickets.

  • OUT! Now Tahir traps Kapugedera plumb lbw to dismiss him for a golden duck, and sets off for his usual celebrations — running off towards the boundary rope and patting the Protea badge on his jersey. The batsman failed to pick the googly. SL 117/4

    Kapugedera lbw Tahir 0(1)

  • OUT! Chandimal has to return to the crease thanks to a brilliant direct hit by AB de Villiers at the non-striker's end! And the SA captain didn't even have his full balance. SL 116/3

    Chandimal run out (de Villiers) 12(21)

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    SA have recovered well after conceding 87 runs in first 10 overs. The additional 2 fielders outside the circle has helped pull back the SL run rate. The next 7 overs went at av average of 4 runs an over. Morkel and Morris, the tall pacemen are also bowling pretty well and getting some bounce off a length. Another couple of wickets will push back SL further.

  • After 17 overs,Sri Lanka 116/2 ( Upul Tharanga (C) 40 , Dinesh Chandimal 12)

    Wide down the leg side by Morkel in the third ball of his fifth over. Chandimal flicks the fourth delivery of the over towards the leg side to grab a double. Five off the over. 

Preview: Sri Lanka face a nervous wait to discover if captain Angelo Mathews will be fit for their Champions Trophy one-day international opener against South Africa on Saturday.

The all-rounder has been struggling with a calf problem and was due to have a fitness test on Friday.

But Sri Lanka are set to delay any final decision on Mathews until the morning of Saturday's match at the Oval.

AB de Villiers and Upul Tharanga, captain of South Africa and Sri Lanka respectively. AFP

AB de Villiers and Upul Tharanga, captain of South Africa and Sri Lanka respectively. AFP

"We're going to look at him tomorrow morning as well, so the final decision will be then," Sri Lanka vice-captain Upul Tharanga told reporters at the Oval on Friday.

By contrast South Africa, the world's top-ranked ODI side, begin their quest to win the 'mini World Cup' bolstered by the knowing both leg-spinner Imran Tahir and batsman David Miller are fully fit for the Group B fixture.

Left-arm spinner Keshav Maharaj proved an effective deputy when called upon by the Proteas during their recent 2-1 ODI series defeat by England but skipper AB de Villiers was glad to have Tahir available following a hamstring tweak.

"He's our number one spin bowler," said de Villiers.

"Keshav understands his role when it comes to that.

"There might be a time in the tournament where we might use a different strategy, if we play against a certain opposition or on a certain field.

"But for tomorrow, Imran is the number one pick.

"He is fit and ready to go, so you should see his name on the team sheet."

South Africa whitewashed Sri Lanka 5-0 in a home ODI series earlier this year but de Villiers said: "They always play well in these tournaments.

"We're well aware of that, and they deserve our respect.

"They have a lot of match-winners on their team.

"So it's so much more important for us to make sure we don't think about what happened in the last series and we focus on tomorrow's game."

South Africa rounded off their recent series against England with a morale-boosting seven-wicket win at Lord's on Monday, having ensured all the members of their Champions Trophy squad featured at some stage.

"As difficult as it is for me to say ... that was definitely a warm-up for us," said de Villiers.

"I hate to say that – because I hate losing games of cricket.

"It was a bit of a catch 22 to get that right message across to the boys, (and) it was maybe a bit confusing at times.

"But if you do go into a series thinking that you want to play all 15 players, you're not really focusing on just winning that series – because your mind is a little bit elsewhere.

"I think that's what happened."

He added: "We actually could have won that series, easily – which is a great boost of confidence for us – keeping in mind that we played 15 players, and it was a bit of a warm-up for the Champions Trophy."

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Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4097 105
4 Australia 3087 100
5 New Zealand 3114 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 4579 114
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 1625 125
2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115