Cricket: Meet Anadi Tagde, a nine-year-old set to play in women's U-19 squad

PTI, Apr, 27 2017

Nine-year-old Anadi Tagde, a budding bowler, has made it to the Indore division under-19 cricket squad.

The right-arm medium pacer is excited as she would get the opportunity to show her talent with the ball at an inter-division under-19 girls tournament, starting at Gwalior on Thursday.

"When I was just five years old, I would watch the boys in our area playing cricket and it fascinated me," she said.

"The boys didn't allow me to play with them. So, I used to play with my elder brother," she said.

Nine-year-old Anadi Tagda, who is set to play with the under-19 squad

Nine-year-old Anadi Tagda, who is set to play with the under-19 squad. News18

"Then, my father Anurag Tagde sent me to a local cricket club for training,"

"I was scared of the leather ball initially, but my father encouraged me and then the fear melted away," she said.

Her young age didn't come in the way of her playing with senior girls. The seniors and her coach offered her all the help she needed, she said.

The 2008-born bowler is an admirer of Hardik Pandya, wants to play for the Indian women's cricket team one day, and meet the cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

Her mother, Deepti, used to play as a left-arm spinner at the university level.

Deepti couldn't play at the higher level. "My daughter will accomplish my dream," she said.

Published Date: Apr 27, 2017 | Updated Date: Apr 27, 2017

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