Cook has company when it comes to freakish dismissals

Tariq Engineer, Dec, 07 2012

Alastair Cook looked he was going to bat all day as he serenely progressed to 190 on the third day in Kolkata. The only blemish was the return catch he gave to Ishant Sharma, who flubbed the chance. There appeared to be nothing to worry about when Kevin Pietersen tucked Zaheer Khan to square leg. Cook had backed up but there was no intent to take a run. He had already turned back and was in the process of grounding his bat when he noticed Virat Kohli's throw heading straight for him. Instinctively, he lifted his arms and arched his body to avoid the ball, which crashed into the stumps. According to Law 38 (2a), a batsman cannot be given out only if "he has been within his ground and has subsequently left it to avoid injury, when the wicket is put down." Since Cook had not made his ground, his monumental innings was over. It was the first-time he has been run-out in 312 innings

Cook is not alone in being run-out in freakish fashion though. Here are five relatively recent unusual dismissals caused by batsman being out of their crease that might make Cook feel a little better:

Inzamam-ul-Haq takes evasive action as Steve Harmison shys at the stumps. AFP

Inzamam-ul-Haq – Faisalabad 2006

Admittedly, Inzi was incorrectly given out but that doesn’t show on the scorecard. Having already made a hundred, he mistimed a full toss straight back to Steve Harmison, who gathered the ball and threw down the stumps in one motion. Inzamam took evasive action to get out of the way and Harmison immediately appealed. Replays suggested his back foot was in the air when the stumps were hit and the third umpire gave him out.

Watch the YouTube video here.

Muttiah Muralitharan – Christchurch 2006

Sri Lanka were battling for survival in a low-scoring match when Kumar Sangakkara took a single to bring up his century. He raised his bat to acknowledge the milestone, unaware that Muralitharan was walking down the wicket to hug him. The problem was the ball was not yet dead and New Zealand keeper Brendon McCullum dislodged the bails to run Muralitharan out. A shocked Sangakarra looked on in disbelief but the innings was over.

Watch the YouTube video here.

Misbah-ul-Haq - Delhi 2007

This one most resembles the Cook dismissal. Misbah-ul-Haq was cruising towards a century on the second day of the Test when he took off for a quick single Dinesh Karthik pounced on the ball and threw at the non-striker’s end. Misbah seemed like he would be safe but instead of grounding his bat, he jumped to avoid the ball. It hit the stumps while he was in mid-air and off he had to go.

Watch the YouTube video here.

VVS Laxman - Dominica 2011

It was an innocuous delivery from an even more innocuous bowler. Part-timer Shivnarine Chanderpaul bowled a leg break wide of offstump and Laxman let it go through harmlessly to Carlton Baugh behind the stumps. Or so Laxman thought. Unfortunately, as his weight shifted to his front foot, his back foot lifted a few inches off the ground. Baugh was watching Laxman’s feet and kept his wits about him to knock the bails off right at the moment the batsman’s foot came off the ground. A stunned Laxman had no option but to trudge back to the dressing room.

Watch the YouTube video here.

Ian Bell - Nottinghamshire 2011

To be fair to Bell, no one was quite sure what had happened. Praveen Kumar made a desperate diving stop near the boundary but even he appeared to think the ball had gone for four as he lazily hopped back on to the field of play and nonchalantly threw the ball back to MS Dhoni. Bell was half-way down the pitch but thought the ball was dead after crossing the boundary and began to walk off the field. Dhoni appealed and the umpires had no choice but to give Bell out. India did withdraw their appeal after the break though, and Bell was allowed to continue.

Watch the YouTube here.

Published Date: Dec 07, 2012 | Updated Date: Dec 07, 2012

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