Champions Trophy as it happened: India beats South Africa by 26 runs

Live coverage of India's opening Champions Trophy match against South Africa from Cardiff.

Tariq Engineer, Jun, 06 2013

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2254 IST

Bhuvi to finish things off. McLaren and Morkel continue to resist.

OUT! Bhuvi's last ball is a pinpoint yorker that crashes into the base of Morkel's stumps. South Africa all out for 305. McLaren did well to remain not out on 71 from 61 balls.

India win by 26 runs.

The spinners took only 2 wickets between the the 3 of them - both to Jadeja - but they dried up the runs and made it easier for the fast bowlers later on. Each of the fast bowlers took a couple of wickets.

2249 IST

Ishant to bowl the penultimate over. McLaren happy to pick up more boundaries. Ishant ends his day with 2 for 66 from eight overs.

2243 IST

Yadav can't finish things off either. After 48, SA are 289/9.

2239 IST

Jadeja to try and finish things off. McLaren hoicks to wide long-on but Morkel wasn't able to take the second. He is in too much discomfort.

Seven from the over. After 47 overs, SA are 285/9.

2236 IST

Umesh back to try and blast out that last wicket. McLaren carves him over point to bring up his 50, from just 40 balls, with one six and eight fours. After 46, SA are 278/9.

2231 IST

Jadeja bowling to McLaren. Manages just a single from the first five balls. Morkel survives the last ball. SA are 273/9 after 45 overs. They need 59 from the last five overs.

2228 IST

The injured Morkel is out to bat. Meanwhile McLaren clubs Ishant down the ground past a diving Dhawan on the rope. Then pulls him powerfully for another four. Casually hits Ishant straight down the ground for SIX for good measure too. Good thing Ishant himself has said he is not the boss of this bowling attack.

15 from the over and McLaren keep strike. SA are 272/9 after 44 overs.

2223 IST

Dhoni has a slip and short mid-off for Jadeja now. Going for the kill.

OUT! Jadeja pegs back offstump. Tsotsobe tries the slog-sweep and misses.

LL Tsotsobe b Jadeja 3 (14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 21.42

South Africa now 257/9 after 42.5 overs.
2220 IST

Ishant gets through another over. Gives away four runs. SA are 257/8 after 42 overs.

2216 IST

Jadeja is back. Has Tsotsobe in all kinds of trouble. The last delivery turns and bounces over middle stump. Just two from the over. After 41 overs, SA are 253/8.

2210 IST

OUT! Kleinveldt tries to pull Ishant. Gets a top edge and Dhoni takes an easy catch. SA now 251/8 after 39.5 overs. That is Ishant's second wicket.

RK Kleinveldt c †Dhoni b I Sharma 4 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

2204 IST

Umesh continues. McLaren still fighting for South Africa. Nudges him round the corner for four to fine leg. Six from the over. After 39. South Africa are 246/7.

2157 IST

Ishant comes back. McLaren drives him down the ground.

OUT! The slower ball does for Du Plessis. Skies an offdrive and Raina settles under it at mid-off before taking a good catch. SA now 238/7 and staring at defeat.

F du Plessis c Raina b I Sharma 30 (23b 5x4 0x6) SR: 130.43

2153 IST

Ashwin comes back. Du Plessis and McLaren have added 34 in three overs. This time though the spinner doesn't dry up the runs. McLaren plays a handsome straight drive over the bowler's head. 11 from the over. After 27, SA are 233/2. They need 99 from 13 overs.

2148 IST

Another good over for South Africa as Bhuvi Kumar was struck for a couple of fours. After 36 overs, SA are 222/6.

2141 IST

Raina keeps going. McLaren sweeps and then reverse-sweeps for four. Du Plessis gets in on the act with a lofted straight drive. 13 from the over. After 35, SA are 212/6.

2137 IST

Umesh continues and shows why Dhoni has been bowling the spinners. 11 from the over, which ends with McLaren pulling Umesh to deep midwicket. After 34 overs, SA are 199/6. The required rate is now 8.31.

2132 IST

David Miller is the new man.

OUT! He doesn't last long though. Du Plessis slips going for a second run and tries to send Miller back but Miller is running full tilt. Both batsmen end up at the same end and its Miller who has to go without having faced a ball. He gives Du Plessis a friendly tap to say no hard feelings before walking off.

DA Miller run out 0 (0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -

South Africa now 188/6 after 32.5 overs.

2126 IST

OUT! That be the game for India. He tries to pull Umesh on the charge and is cramped and the top edge goes to that man Jadeja inside the circle on the on-side. That was due to the pressure put on by the spinners. SA now 184/5 after 31.4 overs.

AB de Villiers c Jadeja b Yadav 70 (71b 7x4 0x6) SR: 98.59

2119 IST

OUT! Duminy is trapped leg-before. He asks for the review but Hot Spot shows no edge and Hawk-Eye says it is pitching in line and hitting legstump. SA are now 182/4 and India slowly gaining the edge.

JP Duminy lbw b Jadeja 14 (24b 0x4 0x6) SR: 58.33

2116 IST

Raina gives away 6 from the over. After 30, SA are 180/3. The way Raina is bowling, he might get more than just a few overs.

2113 IST

Ashwin runs through another over. Four singles again. After 29 overs, SA are 174/3. The required run-rate is now 7.52. This might be nothing in T20 but it is a little harder in 50-over cricket.

2110 IST

Raina continues. Four more singles. SA's run-rate is slipping back towards 6. After 28, SA are 170/3.

2107 IST

The wicket has picked up the Indians. Dhoni has a slip and a leg-slip for Ashwin. They don't come into play though, as four singles are taken. After 27, SA are 166/3.

2104 IST

Raina continues. Duminy is the new batsman. Plays a lovely cut but Jadeja is equal to the task on the deep midoff boundary. After 26, SA are 162/3.

2059 IST

OUT! Superb fielding from Sir Jadeja has done the trick. Peterson flicks Ashwin but can't beat Jadeja at mid-on, who puts in the full dive. Peterson had taken off without waiting and Jadeja gathers the ball and hurls it back to Dhoni. South Africa now 155/3 after 25 overs.

RJ Peterson run out 68 (72b 6x4 0x6) SR: 94.44

2057 IST

Raina comes on. That means one of the seamers won't bowl their full quota. I nominate Ishant. Five from the over. After 24, SA are 154/2.

2053 IST

Peterson has enough and charges Ashwin. Lofts him over cover for four. If SA allow the spinners to get on top, they will struggle. Eight from the over. SA are 149/2 after 23 overs.

2051 IST

Just four from Jadeja's fourth over. SA being dragged back here which shows the value of their start. Adfter 22 overs, they are 141/2.

2049 IST

AB gets to his 50 with a push for a single. Taken him just 45 balls. Another good over from Ashwin. He has bowled 5 overs for 19 runs. After 21 overs, SA are 137/2.

2046 IST

Milking Jadeja for singles now. Six of them from the over. After 20 overs, SA are 135/2, with Peterson on 57 and AB on 49. Their partnership is now worth 104 from 16.1 overs.

2042 IST

Ashwin gets the carom ball to bounce and that surprises even Dhoni. Four from the over. After 19, SA are 129/2.

2042 IST

Jadeja and Ashwin racing through the overs now. Jadeja working on another good over until AB cuts him past backward point for four. Peterson also brought up his maiden ODI 50 with a single. After 18, SA are 125/2. Their run-rate is now under 7, but still above the required-rate.

2038 IST

Another good over for India. Ashwin gives away just 2 runs. The spinners could be the key today. After 17, SA are 118/2.

2034 IST

Sir Jadeja comes on after the drinks break. Can he replicate in England what he did in India? Dhoni has a slip in place.

Peterson tries the sweep, misses and is lucky the ball misses offstump too. Jadeja proving to be a handful straight up. Drift away from the left-hander, then turn into him. Just two from the over. After 16, SA are 116/2.

2028 IST

Ashwin gets through an over with giving away a boundary. After 15, SA are 114/2. This is a solid platform from which to chase 332.

2024 IST

A wide from Umesh brings up SA's 100. Peterson pulls Umesh wide of mid-on for four. This has become as predictable as India's innings. After 14 overs, SA are 109/2, with AB on 37 and Peterson on 41.

2019 IST

Dhoni has turned to Ashwin to try and stem the runs. He gets some turn straight up. Six from the over. After 13, SA are 99/2.

2015 IST

Peterson was stranded miles outside the non-striker's end when AB changes his mind about a quick single but the throw from mid-on is misdirected. Peterson was dead there.

A better over from Ishant, just six from it. After 12 overs, SA are 93/2.

2010 IST

Kumar into his 6th over. AB treats him like a net bowler as he caresses him through the offside. AB then steps outside offstump and with all three stumps visible, sweeps Bhuvi to leg. 10 off the over. SA are 87/2 after 11.

The pair also brought up their 50 partnership from 40 balls.

2006 IST

AB smashes Ishant over cover so hard that Suresh Raina had to take evasive action. Ishant compensates by shortening his length a touch and AB punches him off the back foot for another four. After 10 overs, SA are 77/2, with AB on 23 and Peterson on 26

2000 IST

AB goes on the move and gently eases Bhuvi straight down the ground. Nothing wrong with the delivery. Just a top shot. This is an excellent pitch for batting. Six from the over, After 9, SA are 69/2.

1956 IST

Ishant Sharma takes Umesh's place. Peterson greets him with a lofted cover drive for four. After Ishant beats him a couple of times, Peterson responds with another cover drive that is just pulled back before the rope and they get three. A bit of width allows AB to cut him for four more. 11 from this over. After 8, SA are 63/2.

1951 IST

AB opens the face and carves Bhuvi Kumar away for four. Six from the over. After 7, SA are 52/2, with AB on 6 and Peterson on 18.

1945 IST

Peterson gets on top of an Umesh bouncer and muscles it for four. Umesh ends the over by catching Peterson on the body or the helmet, not sure which, as he tried to duck a bouncer. After 6 overs, SA are 46/2.

1940 IST

AB is the new man.

Peterson starts the over with a classic cover drive on the up off Bhuvi. Meanwhile replays show Amla got a bottom edge, not an inside edge. Bhuvi troubles the left-hander again but the edge flies past the slips and beats Umesh Yadav on the boundary. Expensive over from Bhuvi, 11 from it.

After 5, SA are 42/2, so well up on the run-rate at least.

1930 IST

Amla gets width from Umesh and crashes him over the covers. When Umesh is too full, Amla flicks him for another boundary. Then Umesh loses his down legside and Amla helps it on its way for four more.

OUT! Umesh has the last laugh. This one is straight and moves in a touch. Takes the inside edge and Dhoni does the rest. SA are 31/2 after 3.5 overs.

HM Amla c †Dhoni b Yadav 22 (15b 4x4 0x6) SR: 146.66

What was turning out to be an excellent over for South Africa became a good over for India.

1930 IST

Robin Peterson is the pinch-hitter. Picks up three with a clip to the square boundary, where there is plenty of open space. After 3 overs, SA are 17/1.

The following stat says something about India's batting in recent times. Didn't India win the 2007 T20 World Cup?

1926 IST

OUT! Bhuvi slides it across the left-handed Ingram, who tries to punch it off the backfoot but gets the edge and Raina takes a good low catch at 2nd slip.

CA Ingram c Raina b Kumar 6 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 120.00

South Africa are 13/1 after 2.1 overs.

1924 IST

Umesh Yadav has the other new ball. Hopefully India will not fall into the same trap as SA and pitch the ball up. Gets too straight and Ingram clips him through midwicket for another four. Two full pitched up deliveries show he is not going to make the mistake of bowling short.

After 2 overs, SA are 13/0.

1919 IST

Welcome back to our coverage of opening match of the Champions Trophy. Colin Ingram and Hashim Amla, South Africa's openers, are out in the middle. Bhuvi Kumar has the new ball. Will he get any swing with it?

There is some late swing on offer for Bhuvi. Getting the ball to come back into the right-hander nicely. But when Bhuvi gets too straight, Amla clips him off his pads over midwicket for four. After 1, SA are 6/0,

1847 IST

Ryan McLaren to bowl the last over.

OUT! Ashwin is run out. Chaos in the middle. Ashwin doesn't make contact. Jadeja takes over for a single. The bowler collects and keeps his head to run back to the stumps and take off the bails. Ashwin gathers his wits to run down the pitch so Jadeja is safe.

The move pays off as Jadeja smacks the penultimate all through mid-off for four, then lofts the last short ball - fitting in the context of SA's bowling - over AB for another four.

India finish with 331/7. This is the highest score at the Sophia Gardens ground. Jadeja unbeaten with 47 from 29 balls. Top knock at the death.

1840 IST

Jadeja charges Tsotsobe and hammers him straight over the ropes for SIX! It was the slower ball too. Ashwin gets inside a slower bouncer and top edges it past AB. South Africa's tactics have been head-scratching today. 13 from the over. India are 321/6 with one ball to go.

1835 IST

Ashwin brings up India's 300 with a cut for a single. McLaren is short and wide and Jadeja cuts him over square for four. Poor thinking from the bowler. Jadeja then late cuts the final delivery to the boundary. After 48 overs, India are 308/6.

1831 IST

Jadeja crunches a half-volley through the covers for four. After 47 overs, India are 297/6.

1827 IST

OUT! Dhoni tries to clear long-on but fails. India now 291/6 after 46.2 overs.

MS Dhoni c du Plessis b Tsotsobe 27 (26b 3x4 0x6) SR: 103.84

1824 IST

Kleinveldt into his final over. Manages to avoid the boundary balls. Seven from the over. After 46 overs, India are 291/5. Kleinvedt finishes with 0/81 from his 10 overs.

1820 IST

Duminy into his final over. South Africa will have to figure out who they want to bowl at the death. After 45 overs, India are 284/5, with Dhoni on 24 and Jadeja on 13.

1816 IST

South Africa surprisingly sloppy in the field today. This time AB lets the ball get past him for four after an edge from Jadeja. The ball bounced short and caught his wrist before running away. India won't mind how the runs come at this stage.

Jadeja shows he can play the proper shots too. A good length and Jadeja swings the bat cleanly through the line with a high-left elbow. One bounce and four more runs. After 44 overs, India are 279/5.

1812 IST

Dhoni is still around though, and sweeps Duminy powerfully for four. Seven off the over. After 43, India are 267/5.

1807 IST

McLaren starts off with a short ball and Dhoni is happy to cut him away for four. Muscled that one to the boundary. That has pretty much been the story of the day.

OUT! Raina falls tamely again. Tries to turn one to leg and gets a leading edge that lobs up to the off-side. He was on the backfoot again, expecting the short ball and this one doesn't get up as much as he expected.

S Raina 9 (6) c JP Duminy b Ryan McLaren

McLaren has three wickets and India are 260/5 after 41.4 overs. They were 210/1.

1802 IST

Duminy into his eighth over. He has been the only bright spark for South Africa so far today. just five from the over. After 41, India are 254/4.

1759 IST

Raina ends the over with a huge six over wide long-on. After 40 overs, India are 249/9, with Dhoni on 8 and Raina on 7.

1755 IST

OUT! Karthik will not be replicating his feats from the warm-ups. An short offcutter from McLaren leaps off the pitch and spins sharply back into Karthik, who tries to adjust and nudge it over AB behind the stumps but de Villiers gets a hand to it and the ball sticks. India lose their fourth wicket. Now 240/4 after 39.2 overs.

KD Karthik c †de Villiers b McLaren 14 (15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 93.33

1751 IST

Dhoni doesn't need any time to get going. Leans forward and using that bottom hand to thump Tsotsobe over wide mid-on. Just falls short of the rope so he has to settle for four. Karthik mistimes a pull shot buut with square leg up, gets it away for four more. 11 from the over. After 39, India are 239/3.

1746 IST

Dhoni is the new man in. India 228/3 after 38 overs.

1743 IST

OUT! Dhawan falls to Duminy trying to sweep over the close-in fielder. Tame way to end a superb knock. India 227/3 after 37.3 overs now.

S Dhawan 114 (94) c sub b JP Duminy

1740 IST

Tsotsobe into his seventh over now. Meanwhile new is that Morkel has a groin strain and will not bowl again. He will only bat if absolutely necessary.

Six off the over, After 37, India are 220/2.

1735 IST

Duminy continues to be the stand out bowler for SA. Just one from his over. After 36, India are 214/2.

1727 IST

OUT! Kohli pulls a short ball from Tsotsobe but Amla on the deep midwicket fence is deep enough to take the catch. India are 210/1 after 34.2 overs.

V Kohli c Amla b Tsotsobe 31 (41b 2x4 0x6) SR: 75.60

After 35 overs, India are 213/2, with Dhawan on 108 and Karthik on 0.

1725 IST

Kohli starts to get in on the act. Punches Morkel through the covers to bring up India's 200, then glides him past the keeper for another four. If Kohli gets going too, 400 could be on here in Cardiff.

Morkel has to leave the field with one ball left in the over. Not sure what happened there. He was clutching his left thigh. If he is done for the day, South Africa in even more trouble. Peterson finishes the over. After 34, India are 209/1.

1719 IST

Dhawan gets a life. Duminy beats Dhawan's charge but de Villiers can't gather the ball and breaks the stumps with only his gloves. He had a lot of time there but rushed the stumping. After 33 overs, India are 199/1.

1716 IST

Kleinveldt into his eighth over. Dhawan showing no signs of the nervous 90s, charges Kleinveldt. Doesn't get a run but shows his mindset. Next delivery stays still and punches Kleinveldt past point for four. Swivels and pulls Kleinveldt to square leg for another boundary to get to his hundred. Then thrusts both arms into the air in celebration.

After 32 overs, India are 194/1, with Dhawan on 102 and Kohli on 18.

1713 IST

Dhawan moves to 91 with a single off Duminy, who has managed to keep things quiet from his end. Dhawan then picks up two more off the last ball. After 31 overs, India are 183/1.

While India are cruising, Kohli has not found his rhythm yet. Has 16 from 31 balls to this point and has not timed anything yet.

1710 IST

Kleinveldt is looking pedestrian. Dhawan casually clips him of his legs for four. Nasser Hussein says the kookaburra ball has not been moving around at all and that takes away England's edge playing at home. It has been surprising how the ball has not moved around at all, even in these conditions. After 30 overs, India are 179/1.

1706 IST

Duminy continues. A good over for a change. Just one from it. After 29 overs, India are 173/1.

1704 IST

Kleinveldt returns. Kohli picks up two with the pull shot. Dhawan gives the bowler the charge but is tucked up by a short ball. After 28 overs, India are 172/1, with Dhawan on 85 and Kohli on 13.

1700 IST

Duminy continues. Gets a bit of turn and bounce. RAces through the over. Four from it. After 27, India are 168/1.

1657 IST

Dhawan is now unleashing his full range of strokes. Dhawan heaves Tsotsobe to the long-on boundary. Ten from the over without any risks. After 26 overs, India are 164/1, with Dhawan on 82 and Kohli on 8.

1653 IST

Kleinveldt tries the offcutter but is too short and Dhawan goes for the pull. The ball just sails over the fielder, who was perhaps a bit too far in from the rope. After 25 overs, India are 154/1.

1649 IST

Tsotsobe returns. South Africa searching for wickets now. Tries the short ball and Dhawan leans back and helps it over the keeper. Finishes off the over by charging Tsotsobe and crunching him straight down the ground for SIX! He is looking very confident now and the pitch is looking lifeless.

After 24 overs, India are 146/1, with Dhawan on 69 and Kohli on 3.

1645 IST

Peterson returns. Dhawan gives him the charge but only manages a single. After 23 overs, India are 134/1. Run-rate has dropped under 6 now.

1641 IST

McLaren greets Kohli with a bouncer that catches him flush on the front grill. Kohli dropped his hands but could not sway out of the way. After 22 overs, India are 129/1.

1638 IST

OUT! Rohit gets himself out. Turns a ball off his waist straight to deep backward square. End of a very good innings. Rohit will be kicking himself though. South Africa did not look like taking a wicket until that point.

India are 127/1, with Rohit gone for 65.

1636 IST

A quiet over from Morkel. After 21 overs, India are 126/0 with Rohit on 65 and Dhawan on 52.

1632 IST

Dhawan gets his first ODI fifty with a sharp single. Thrusts his bat in the air in delight. Rohit stands tall and forces McLaren off the backfoot past mid-off, where the fielder - Kleinveldt - admittedly didn't move very quickly. All too easy at the moment. After 20 overs, India are 123/0.

1627 IST

Morkel returns. South Africa desperately need a wicket. Rohit wafts at one outside off. Responds by pulling Morkel to deep midwicket for four. Crunching shot that. India cruising now. After 19 overs, India are 115/0.

Dhawan getting some treatment to his head now. The physio sticks a plaster behind his ear.

1623 IST

McLaren thumps Dhawan on the helmet. Pulled out of the shot at the last minute but couldn't avoid being hit. Hit him on the side of the helmet as he turned his head away. Rohit alert enough to call him through for a leg-bye. Dhawan seems to have recovered enough to pull McLaren for two. Five from the over. After 18, India are 109/0, with Rohit on 53 and Dhawan on 48.

1618 IST

After the drinks break, it is time for JP Duminy's offspin. Rohit brings up his 50 with a push to long-on. SA have looked toothless aside from Morkel early on. Three from the over. After 17, India are 104/0.

1611 IST

Dhawan brings up the 100 with a single to the offside. India will be thrilled with this start. After 16 overs, India are 101/0.

1607 IST

Dhawan chips down to the first ball from Peterson and crunches it through the covers. Then repeats the dose. Sweeps the third ball, again a full toss, but this time Duminy manages a diving stop to keep the batsmen to three. 14 from the over. After 15, India are 96/0 with Rohit on 45 and Dhawan now on 44 from 36 balls.

1602 IST

Kleinveldt to continue. Bounces Dhawan who hooks uppishly. Morkel at fine leg runs in and the ball sails over his head and takes one bounce before going over the rope. Follows it up with one that seams away and beats Dhawan. Been too few of those. Rohit punches him through the covers for four. After 14 overs, India are 82/0 and racing away.

1558 IST

Time for spin in the shape of left-armer Robin Peterson. Been pedestrian from South Africa so far. India building a strong platform, unlike in the warm-ups, where they went past 300 both times anyway. Three singles and a two from the over. After 13, India are 72/0.

1555 IST

For some reason, despite being hit all round the ground, the bowlers continue to bowl short. Dhawan this time says thank you to Kleinveldt and pulls him for four. Dhawan comfortable enough to give Kleinveldt the charge now, though only manages a single.

After 12 overs, India are 67/0 with Rohit on 34 and Dhawan on 26.

1551 IST

South Africa still bowling short. Rohit still pulling them for four. After 11 overs, India are 59/0.

1547 IST

Dhawan brings up India's 50 with a crunched drive that the fielder gets a hand to but the batsmen get three. Dhawan gets a free-hit and charges Kleinveldt but the bowler gets a hand on the straight drive and restricts the batsmen to a single. After 10 overs. India are 53/0, with Rohit on 27 and Dhawan on 20.

1542 IST

Ryan McLaren comes on and Dhawan tucks him past short fine leg for four. Eight from the over. After 9, India are 47/0.

1537 IST

Kleinveldt replaces Tsotsobe. Tries the short ball and Rohit rocks back and pulls him away for four. The South African bowlers have been too short, as Sourav Ganguly emphasises on TV. Rohit looking in fine touch. Pitched up and he eases it through the offside. The fielder chasing gets in the dive but the ball just beats him to the rope.

Then comes the poor shot. A flat-footed slap outside off that misses. After 8, India area 39/0 with Rohit on 25 and Dhawan on 11.

1531 IST

Morkel catches Rohit in the box. That would have hurt in the cold conditions. That blow aside, Rohit seems to be finding his feet. Morkel bounces him and Rohit gets on top of the bouncer and swings it to the square leg boundary. Follows it up with a ripper of a bouncer - fast and forces Rohit to take evasive action. Rohit then nods his head to Morkel to say well bowled. After 7 overs, India are 30/0.

1528 IST

SIX! Tsotsobe gives Rohit a little width and he crashes the ball over point. Hands whipped through the shot with speed.

Dhawan caps the over by walking the pitch and showing Tsotsobe the full face of his bat. The ball screams off the face through the covers for four. 11 off the over. After 6, India are 26/0 with Rohit on 13 and Dhawan on 10.

1522 IST

Dhawan pulls out the pull shot against Morkel and is lucky he didn't time it. Falls short of fine leg. Just two off the over. South Africa keeping things tight in the early going.

1517 IST

Tsotsobe troubles Rohit with the inswinger. Good shout for leg-before but the height saved him. Rohit answers with a push that races through the covers to the ropes for the first four of the innings. After 4 overs, India are 13/0, with Rohit on 6 and Dhawan on 5.

1513 IST

Morkel too straight with this last delivery, allowing Dhawan to clip him square for a couple. Those are the only runs from the over.

1509 IST

Tsotsobe shares the new ball. Just a reminder, only two fielders are allowed outside the circle in the first 10 overs now. Puts a premium on good bowling.

Gets Rohit to edge one but it doesn't carry to the slips. Dhawan calls for a quick single after a misfield. Rohit would have been short at the non-striker's end with a direct hit. A push form Dhawan through the offside leads to three runs. Four from the over. After 2 overs, India are 5/0, with Rohit on 2 and Dhawan on 3.

1504 IST

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are out in the middle. Morne Morkel opens the bowling. South Africa has the better of the all-time head-to-head record, having won 40 and lost 24 ODIs to India.

Rohit Sharma leaves the first three deliveries alone - all of them short of a good length. When Morkel pitches it fuller, Rohit gets a single to the onside before Dhawan is beaten by a beauty from Morkel that leaves him. Just one from the over.

1445 IST

Here are the playing XIs:

India: S Dhawan, RG Sharma, V Kohli, D Karthik, S Raina, MS Dhoni, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, I Sharma, U Yadav.

South Africa: H Amla, C Ingram, F du Plessis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, D Miller, R McLaren, R Peterson, R Kleinveldt, M Morkel, L Tsotsobe.

1430 IST

Dhoni says the warm-up matches were good exposure and gave the bowlers and batters equal opportunity to get used to the conditions.

AB de Villiers has own the toss and South Africa will bowl fast. Overcast and de Villiers expects the ball might do a bit starting out. Colin Ingram will open for South Africa.

Dhoni says the toss was important but not everything. If conditions stay this way, he doesn't think it will make much different. Murali Vijay misses out and Rohit Sharma will open with Dinesh Karthik playing in the middle order.

1424 IST

According to Simon Doull, it is a pitch to bowl first on but it is too cold to bowl first in Cardiff. South Africa are probably without their leading fast bowler though.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni will finally get a break from all the questions about spot-fixing and conflict of interest with India taking on South Africa in the opening match of the Champions Trophy at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

India have surprised with two comprehensive victories over Sri Lanka and Australia in the warm-up games. While there are concerns about the top order, which struggled in both matches, the way Dinesh Karthik scored tons in both the games and the form shown by skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli would have buoyed their spirits .

Dinesh Karthik has been in excellent form with the bat in the warm-up matches. AP

Dinesh Karthik has been in excellent form with the bat in the warm-up matches. AP

India go in to the tournament with an eye to the 2015 World Cup. A young and relatively inexperienced squad has been selected with as many as five players touring England for the first time. Shikhar Dhawan, who on his Test debut scored a blistering 187, Murali Vijay, Umesh Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja and Bhuvneshwar Kumar all have a point to prove.

With openers Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag out of the fray, a lot will depend on the new opening partnership. Vijay had a golden chance to cement his place in the playing eleven but failed miserably in both the warm-up games. On the other hand, Dinesh Karthik, who has been included in the side as a specialist batsman and a back-up keeper to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, may yet again go out to open the innings with Dhawan as he did earlier in his career.

South Africa, though, will be no pushovers. Led by Dale Steyn, South Africa have one of the most potent pace attacks in the world. Batsmen like Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis will walk into any team but the one to look out for will be the explosive David Miller, who with Kings XI Punjab took the IPL by storm.


India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Dinesh Karthik, Murali Vijay, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Irfan Pathan, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Amit Mishra, Vinay Kumar.

South Africa: AB de Villiers (Captain), Hashim Amla, Farhaan Behardien, Jean-Paul Duminy, Faf du Plessis, Colin Ingram, Rory Kleinveldt, Ryan McLaren, David Miller, Morne Morkel, Alviro Petersen, Robin Peterson, Aaron Phangiso, Dale Steyn, Lonwabo Tsotsobe

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Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 4493 125
2 South Africa 3395 110
3 England 4497 105
4 New Zealand 3114 97
5 Australia 3294 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 South Africa 5957 119
2 Australia 5505 117
3 India 5266 117
4 England 5645 113
5 New Zealand 5123 111
Rank Team Points Rating
1 New Zealand 1625 125
2 England 1962 123
3 Pakistan 2417 121
4 West Indies 2222 117
5 India 2183 115