Born-again Yuvraj Singh has nothing to lose

In the latest edition of Sports Talk, Yuvraj Singh's amazing comeback to international cricket and Sourav Ganguly's potential as a coach is discussed.

FP Sports, Sep, 15 2012

Yuvraj Singh's twitter stream is one long list of 'Thank You's.'

His fans are many — and as he takes the field tonight for the Twenty20 international against New Zealand one can expect all of India to go up in a collective cheer. He's lost weight, is looking very fit but will that be enough to help him succeed?

His fight against a rare germ cell cancer was inspiring but this to him represents an opportunity to go beyond the confines of sport. The decision to pick Yuvraj was widely called an emotional one but now he has a chance to show that there was a solid rationale behind it.

"I think it's great to see him back on the field, because it's a saga. It's a story that goes beyond cricket. He's comeback within a year and I must admit that I was skeptical whether he could comeback so soon and without too much practice but obviously his doctors have managed to convince the BCCI that he is fit," said senior sports writer Ayaz Memon.

Yuvraj Singh at a practice session in Visakhapatnam on Friday. Ashok Bhaumik/PTI

"Picking him was a sentimental decision but it wasn't just sentiment. He has been a terrific player for India in the shorter formats and to see him come good again would be fantastic. It's like a new lease of life — he might just take the challenge head-on. And what does he lose? He's come back from the brink and ready to take on the world. I think if he does reasonably well, he will have a longish stint with the team."

On the other hand, the thought that Sourav Ganguly might someday become India coach is very interesting as well.

"It's interesting as well as intriguing. Why has he suddenly decided that he's interested? But my thinking is that many players are wary of taking up a coaching role or an administration role while their peers are still around because negotiations and communications are still a bit of an issue. But with Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman having retired only Tendulkar remains. And Tendulkar and Ganguly shared a good understanding."

"But Ganguly also has a rough edge to him which is not a very good point but maybe with age, those rough edges will be sand-papered. But any which way you look at it, India will be in for some exciting times if and when the BCCI decides to give him the job."

Published Date: Sep 08, 2012 | Updated Date: Sep 15, 2012

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