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Sri Lanka Vs India Live Score (T20)

Date: Tuesday, 13 March, 2018 00:12 IST Venue: R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo Match Status: Match Ended

India beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets

  • The Indians will be really elated heading into the break and they need to thank their bowlers for pulling things back. Washington Sundar was superb while Yuzvendra Chahal too did well to keep the pressure. Towards the end the pacers through their knuckle balls never let the lower middle order take the game away. Shardul Thakur picked up a 4-fer while the other two got one apiece. It's a good wicket to bat on and the visitors should fancy themselves to chase this down. Unless, of course, if the hosts' bowlers come up with something special. Join us back for the chase in just a bit...
  • Mendis got to his fifty in the process and the duo amassed 62 runs for the third wicket before Tharanga was dismissed. The wicket of the southpaw saw Thisara Perera getting a promotion and boy, he came out all guns blazing. His cameo was cut short and that led to a collapse. Sri Lanka couldn't recover as they kept losing wickets in their bid to get to a big total which saw them managing just 2 more than 150 in the end.
  • Good comeback from the Indians after being swatted around the park in the first 10 overs. Sri Lanka were off to a flier and the fact that they hit 11 off the very first over of the game proves the point. However, once Gunathilaka departed, the threatening Kusal Perera didn't last long either and it seemed like India were back in it. That wasn't the case as Kusal Mendis and Upul Tharanga then took it forward and joined forces to continue the assault.
  • 18.6 Shardul Thakur almost had another! He has his hands on his head and eventually starts to head back. Another slower delivery on the stumps, Suranga Lakmal looks to go big but squirts it off the inner half down to fine leg to end the innings with a single. SRI LANKA FINISH WITH 152/9!
  • Nuwan Pradeep is the new man in but Lakmal will face the hat-trick ball.
  • 18.5 OUT! Two-in-two for Thakur! The knuckle ball is working well for him. He's on a hat-trick now. Chameera gets across and swings as hard as he can. Gets beaten by the slowness on the ball, gets a top edge and Jaydev Unadkat at short third man takes it comfortably.
  • Dushmantha Chameera is next.
  • 18.4 OUT! Knuckle delivery on off, Shanaka is early into his shot and gets an edge. Dinesh Karthik behind the stumps accepts a regulation catch.
  • 18.3 NOT OUT! Why did the Indians appeal for it in first place? Another delivery having no pace behind it, served wider outside off. Suranga Lakmal swings and misses. His partner calls him through for a bye and he obliges. Karthik collects the ball and has a shy at the striker's end but he misses. It then goes on to hit Lakmal and the Indians feel that the Lankan pacer has deliberately tried to come in the way as the ball otherwise would have gone to Thakur. It's taken upstairs with the soft signal as not out. Replays show Lakmal was turning back and watching the ball but didn't change his path and gets hit on his right leg. So he's safe.
  • What has happened here? There's a run out appeal being sent upstairs. In fact, it's for obstructing the field. The soft signal is Not out though!
  • 18.2 Slower ball outside off, Lakmal gives it a full swing of his bat but doesn't connect.
  • 18.1 FOUR! A boundary to begin the final over and it's 150 up for Sri Lanka with that! Gets across to a back of a length ball and hits it over mid on for a boundary.
  • Suranga Lakmal is in next.
  • 17.6 OUT! Yes, he does! Good catch from KL Rahul. Jaydev with another slower ball on the stumps, Akila Dananjaya swings again but the bat turns in his hands at the point of impact. Still travels towards long on but only as far as KL Rahul who is waiting there. He takes it easily. 146/7
  • 17.5 Bangs in a short one, poor Akila swings hard at it but only connects with thin air. 10 off the five balls, can Unadkat finish well?
  • 17.4 Shortish on middle, pulled along the ground towards deep square leg for a single.
  • 17.3 SIX! Off the meat! Brilliant from Dasun, took everyone by surprise there! He anticipated Unadkat to bowl another slower delivery and was up for it. Waits deep in the crease and bludgeons it over extra cover for a maximum all the way.
  • 17.3 Wide! On a length and just past the tramline the umpire is spot on as he spots it and stretches both his hands.
  • 17.2 Shortish delivery outside off, Akila backs away and ramps it over the point fielder for a single.
  • 17.1 Fuller and on the stumps, dragged off the inner half through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Jaydev Unadkat to bowl the 18th over.
  • 16.6 Driven towards the mid on region. The batsmen have run through for a single. 136/6
  • 16.5 Bowls a knuckle delivery outside off, Dasun looks to push it away but the slowness on the ball takes the outside edge and goes on the bounce to the keeper behind.
  • 16.4 Yorker outside off, Shanaka fails to dig it out.
  • 16.3 Almost another blinder from Raina! He picked one earlier this evening and nearly got another. Slower back of a length ball outside off, from around the wicket, Dananjaya backs away to go over cover but the ball gets big on him. He gets it off the high portion of the bat towards mid off. Raina there times his leap to perfection and tries to pluck it with his right hand out but the ball doesn't stick. They take a single. But what an effort! Really appreciated!
  • 16.2 Shortish and on the body, pulled behind square on the leg side for a single.
  • 16.1 FOUR! Nicely done! Thakur comes from over the wicket and drops it on a back of a length outside off, Shanaka makes room and at the last moment opens the face of his bat to guide it fine down to third man for a boundary. A much-needed one.
  • Shardul Thakur is back. He has given 15 in the 2 overs that he has bowled so far.
  • 15.6 That was a quick one from Raina! Just 6 coming off it. Flatter ball on middle and leg, worked around the corner for a single by Shanaka. 129/6
  • 15.5 Flighted delivery, slower one around middle, AD drives it to long on to pick up a single.
  • 15.4 Full and straight on off, Akila lunges ahead and drives it towards Rohit at cover.
  • 15.3 Goes back and wrists it through backward square leg for a single.
  • 15.2 Very full on middle and off, knocked down to long off for a single.
  • 15.1 Flatter one on middle and leg, tucked towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 15.1 Wide! Starts off with a wide ball down the leg side, Dasun misses his clip and it's a good take from Karthik behind.
  • Suresh Raina into the attack now. This is interesting move from Rohit.
  • 14.6 Gets across and works it towards the leg side. 4-0-34-1 for Chahal, good comeback from him after getting hit for way too many in his first two overs. 123/6
  • 14.5 Around middle and off, turning back in, Akila is cramped for room as he just manages to stab it out.
  • 14.4 Uses his feet and eases it to long off for one more.
  • 14.4 Wide! That's spun a long way! Tossed up around off, Shanaka gets down to play the big slog but the ball pitches and keeps turning away past his bat. The umpire calls it a wide.
  • 14.3 Tossed up outside off, driven down to long off and will collect one to get going.
  • 14.2 Fuller delivery on middle, worked towards mid-wicket.
  • Akila Dananjaya walks out next.
  • 14.1 OUT! Another one departs! What's going on, Sri Lanka? Will a collapse follow? Chahal drops it on a shorter length, it's the leg break. Kusal Mendis camps back to cut but isn't too keen to play with full heart. Gets it off the toe end of the bat and Rohit Sharma at cover accepts a dolly. The hosts are losing their way now.
  • 13.6 Comes down the track and pushes it to long on by taking it on the full. Gets one to end the over. Sundar finishes with figures of 4-0-21-2, outstanding! 120/5
  • 13.5 The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 13.4 Quicker and flatter through the air, Dasun comes forward to defend but it beats the outside edge of his bat.
  • 13.3 Slower one outside off, blocked.
  • Dasun Shanaka is the new man in.
  • 13.2 OUT! Bowled 'em! Sundar is having a good outing as he picks up his second wicket of the game. In fact, my colleague reminds me that it's his first non-Kusal wicket in this format. Tosses it up bravely on the stumps, Jeevan Mendis makes room to drive it away, expecting it to turn away but this one doesn't and just goes straight on. Beats the inside edge and hits the middle stick.
  • 13.1 Dipping full toss on middle and leg, milked down to long on for one.
  • Washington Sundar to bowl out.
  • 12.6 Works it through the gap at mid-wicket and will keep strike. Just 4 from this over, good one for India. 117/4
  • 12.5 Slower ball outside off, Mendis looks to cut but gets a bottom edge towards the off side.
  • 12.4 Good running, actually good game awareness as well! Kusal Mendis fetches this from outside off and sweeps it towards Sundar at deep mid-wicket who fumbles. Seeing this, he quickly calls for another and completes it with ease.
  • 12.3 Quicker and wider outside off, Kusal doesn't play at it thinking it to be called as a wide but nothing from the umpire.
  • 12.2 A bit short outside off, pulled towards long on for a single.
  • 12.1 Around middle and off, pushed towards cover.
  • Jeevan Mendis is the new man in. Sri Lanka looking to maintain the left hand-right hand combo? Anyway, Yuzvendra Chahal is back as well.
  • 11.6 OUT! Thisara's show is over! Well, you live by the sword and die by it, goes the saying here. Thakur bowls a slower full ball outside off, Perera swings wildly but is deceived by the lack of pace on it. Gets a big top edge which balloons high up in the air over extra cover. Chahal backtracks, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes a well-judged reverse cup catch. 113/4
  • 11.5 Mistimed but doesn't cost anything! Kusal Mendis reaches his 4th T20I fifty and you know what? This is his 4th 50-plus score in the last five innings. That's some form. Gets across to a short ball and mistimes the pull towards deep mid-wicket and gets to the other end.
  • 11.4 Nudged towards the man at short fine leg for a single.
  • 11.3 Inside edge! Thakur knows that anything in the arc and he will be hit out of the park. So what he does is he smartly bowls it wider outside off, on a length. Thisara in this mood wants to have a go at everything. Ekes out a thick inside edge on the back pad as the ball rolls beside the pitch. Kusal wanted a single but Shardul is quick to get to the ball to deny them.
  • 11.2 Good length delivery on the stumps, Perera hits it over the bowler's head. Raina from long on hares across to his right and stops it with a slide. They take two.
  • 11.1 Fuller on off, Kusal shuffles a bit and flicks it off his pads towards fine leg. Moves to 49 with that.
  • 10.6 SIX! Thisara Perera means business! Back-to-back maximums for him. Shankar pitches it up but in his arc, TP clears the front leg and just lifts it cleanly over long off. India break the stand but Sri Lanka still manage to get 14 from the over. 108/3
  • 10.5 SIX! What a start for Perera! He's not going to hold back and that is why he has promoted himself up the order! Stays put to a length delivery and swings it flat over deep backward square leg to open his account.
  • The skipper, Thisara Perera is the new man in, replacing Tharanga.
  • 10.4 OUT! You miss and I hit stuff! India finally have the breakthrough as they manage to break the 62-run stand! Rohit Sharma is all smiles! Shankar bowls another cross seam delivery, angling it in on middle, Tharanga comes down the track to slog across the line but misses and sees his furniture shattered. To be honest, Upul that wasn't needed. You just have to rotate the strike and let the man at the other end do the hitting job.
  • 10.3 Back of a length delivery on middle and off, Tharanga has an ugly slog at it only to get beaten.
  • 10.2 Upul walks way across to play the scoop but Shankar keeps it full and outside leg. The batter misses his attempted shot and the umpire doesn't call it a wide and rightly so.
  • 10.1 Just over the bowler! Good length delivery, it's the cross seam, Tharanga looks to drive but gets it off the splice straight back from where it came. Shankar leaps and tries to catch it but the ball evades him. It rolls towards long off and the batsmen collect a double.
  • 9.6 SIX! THAT'S HUUUUUGGGEEEEE!!!! The boy is on fire tonight. Leaving nothing to chance, smashing everything so well. Short ball, Mendis moves across and swings hard. Hits it high into the night sky and then deep into the square leg stands. The man in the deep can only watch that go away. 94/2
  • 9.5 Fraction straight in line, worked square on the leg side. One run to the total.
  • 9.4 Jagging back in, just behind a length, Tharanga is taken a bit by surprise due to the extra bounce. Take a blow high on the thigh pads.
  • 9.3 Beaten! Excellent delivery. Well bowled. Drops it on a length just outside off, makes it go away ever so slightly and beats the outside edge of Upul Tharanga's bat who tries to have a feel for it.
  • 9.2 Outside off on a length, opens the face of the bat before guiding it down to third man. Single taken.
  • 9.1 Slanting across on a good length, around off, Mendis looks to make connection and misses.
  • Jaydev Unadkat is brought back into the attack. India need a wicket, he could just be the man to provide that.
  • 8.6 Angling back in on middle and leg, worked in front of square on the leg side. The batsman run hard and come back for the second. Nicely done. 86/2
  • 8.5 FOUR! A juicy full toss outside off, Upul Tharanga accepts the freebie with delight as he smacks it over the covers. Beats the man in the deep, picks up a good boundary. With that, the 50-run stand between these two is up.
  • 8.4 'Round the wicket, seeing Tharanga making room Shankar follows him. Cramps him for room and beats the outside edge.
  • 8.4 Two Wides! Banged in short but it's too short, goes over Mendis and the keeper. The batsmen take a single.
  • 8.3 Clever from Shankar. Takes the pace off it as he bowls this short. Mendis is early into the pull as the ball hits him on the body.
  • 8.2 Innovative stuff from Mendis. Fuller well outside off, the right-hander moves a long way across and scoops it over the keeper's head. Thakur at fine leg moves to his right and makes a good diving stop. Just two runs taken.
  • 8.1 Driven through mid off by the batsman. One run added to the total.
  • A slight delay in play. Kusal Mendis is having a change of bats and there is some distraction in front of the sightscreen. Being sorted out now.
  • 7.6 Dot ball to end the over, but it's a big one for Sri Lanka. 17 off it. Kusal Mendis plays this full ball back to the bowler. 75/2
  • 7.5 SIX! Poor length and Kusal Mendis has punished that! Half-tracker on the stumps, Mendis uses the depth of the crease well before positioning himself for the big pull. Right off the meat, it goes sailing into the mid-wicket stands.
  • 7.5 Wide! That kept quite low. Down the leg side, Karthik couldn't hold on to it and the batsmen take one as a result.
  • 7.4 On the stumps, shorter in length, Mendis helps it away through mid-wicket. One run added to the scorecard.
  • 7.3 Quite full on middle and leg, Upul muscles this straight back down the ground. Timed it well, too well, as it goes to the fielder fast and he can manage only a single.
  • 7.2 SIX! Massive hit! Chahal gives this some decent flight and it's quite slow through the air, Tharanga clears his front leg and breaks the shackles with a big swing over the long on boundary. Needed that, can probably help him to cut loose now.
  • 7.1 Single to begin the over. Tossed up on off, it's swept along the ground behind square leg.
  • Change of ends for Yuzvendra Chahal.
  • 6.6 Back of a length delivery well outside off, Kusal Mendis goes a long way across before mistiming the scoop behind square on the leg side for a run. 58/2
  • 6.5 Full and just outside off, lofted down the ground towards wide long on. Just the one run taken.
  • 6.4 Mendis plays a similar shot. Places it down towards third man and runs across.
  • 6.3 Steers this length ball outside off behind point and calls his partner through.
  • 6.2 Changes the angle to around the wicket, Shankar makes it come back in from around off, Tharanga has a feel for it but is beaten past the outside edge.
  • 6.1 Short of a good length around off, Mendis hangs back and pulls it along the ground through mid-wicket for a single.
  • Vijay Shankar introduced into the attack.
  • 5.6 Yorker on the stumps, dug out towards the covers. 53/2
  • 5.5 Straighter one outside off, dabbed to point. No run on this occasion.
  • 5.4 The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
  • 5.3 Flat and a tad short on off, steered to point for one more.
  • 5.2 Quite full on leg, eased down to long on to rotate strike.
  • 5.1 FOUR! Nicely done. Mendis picks up the length early, kneels forward and across before lifting the sweep over backward square leg for a boundary. Picked his spot and executed the shot to perfection. The 50 comes up for Sri Lanka, which interestingly, is their slowest in this tournament so far.
  • 4.6 Just behind a driving length, on the stumps, swept away towards square leg for one run. 46/2
  • 4.5 Stays right behind the line of this and blocks it out with a straight blade.
  • 4.4 Caught off a Free Hit! Not much damage done on the freebie. Flatter and fuller on middle and leg, Tharanga comes out and looks to clear mid-wicket, but can only find Vijay Shankar in the deep who takes the catch. Only a single results.
  • Free Hit coming up...
  • 4.4 No ball! Googly on leg stump, Mendis picks it up and works it to the square leg area for a single.
  • 4.3 FOUR! Finds the gap this time. Short ball and this time Mendis pulls it wide of the mid on fielder for a boundary.
  • 4.2 Short and flat on middle and leg, Mendis goes deep and slaps the pull towards mid on. Two runs taken as Unadkat moves to his right and stops it.
  • 4.1 Looped up leg break on middle stump, spins away as Kusal Mendis backs away and punches it to the man at cover.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl now.
  • 3.6 Brilliant from Washington. Just 2 runs and a wicket from this over. This last ball is knocked down to long on for a single. 36/2
  • 3.5 Tossed up just outside off, pushed to the cover region for a quick one.
  • 3.4 Short and wide outside off, slashed hard but straight to Rohit Sharma at point.
  • 3.3 Served outside off with some spin on it, Tharanga plays and misses.
  • 3.2 Spinning away from around off, pushed to point with an open face.
  • Upul Tharanga is the next batsman in.
  • 3.1 OUT! BOWLED! Kusal Perera is gone. This is a big wicket for the Indians. Sundar from around the wicket bowls it full, Perera kneels down to reverse sweep but gets it off the front pad back onto the stumps. He's shocked at that sight, while the Indians rejoice. Credit to Washington here, he's comeback well. Got hit for a six on the first ball of his last over, picks up a wicket this time around.
  • 2.6 Short and down the leg side, Mendis lofts it over short fine leg for two runs. 10 runs and a wicket from this over. 34/1
  • 2.5 FOUR! Just wide of Chahal in the deep! Short and wide outside off, Mendis throws his bat at this and gets it off the top edge. Third man is quite square, which gives the ball enough time to go across the rope on a bounce.
  • 2.4 Worked away on the leg side and a single is taken.
  • 2.3 Width offered outside off, Perera goes after this and off the toe end, slaps it square through point for a double.
  • 2.2 Coming back in on middle and leg, just ahead of a length, Kusal Perera from inside his crease defends it out.
  • Kusal Perera walks in at No.3. He's been in magnificent form, was in prime touch against India in their first game. Will he replicate something similar this evening?
  • 2.1 OUT! MAGNIFICENT CATCH FROM SURESH RAINA! Absolute blinder. Oh wow. The replays won't justify just how hard that was hit. Unbelievable stuff. It's on a back of a length on middle and off, Gunathilaka rocks back and looks to blast the pull over mid-wicket. Not much elevation on this though. Raina moves to his left and dives full stretch as the ball sticks in his hand. Superb. Thakur is happy and relieved at the same time, he knows his mate has bailed him out. Early breakthrough for India.
  • 2.1 WIDE to begin with. Thakur bowls it down the leg side, wide called by the umpire.
  • Shardul Thakur comes into the attack. Remember, the hosts smacked him for 27 runs in his opening over the last time he bowled.
  • 1.6 Quite full, almost a yorker, Mendis plays it back to the bowler. A good comeback from Sundar after that initial beating, conceded only 9 in the over. 24/0
  • 1.5 Over the wicket to Mendis, it's a straighter one on off, Mendis blocks it down on the off side with soft hands.
  • 1.4 On the pads again, placed in front of square leg for an easy run this time.
  • 1.3 Sliding in on middle and leg, worked away into the gap on the leg side for a couple.
  • 1.2 Darted quicker on middle and leg, on a bit of a shorter length, the batsman can only defend it out.
  • 1.1 SIX! Welcome, young Sundar! Gunathilaka greets him with a hammering blow. From around the wicket, it's tossed right up there. The left-hander backs away and bangs it straight back down for a flat biggie.
  • Washington Sundar will bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6 Quick single to end a good over for the Lankans. 15 runs off it. It's tapped towards mid on and both batsmen quickly cross over. 15/0
  • 0.5 Safe! Length ball on middle and leg, Gunathilaka walks a step across and tucks it through backward square leg. Runs hard, comes back for the second and takes the throw on with a dive. Karthik takes the bails off and it's taken upstairs. Replays show the southpaw is safe. Good running.
  • Run out appeal! Danushka Gunathilaka is the man in question. Looks to be safe if the faces of the Indian players are anything to go by. Over to the TV umpire...
  • 0.4 Waits for the ball to come before guiding it down to third man for one.
  • 0.3 Another good length ball, close to the off stick, Mendis hangs inside his crease to block.
  • 0.2 SIX! What a hit! Took one hand off it while playing that but that still went a long way. It's dropped fuller in length, Kusal Mendis lofts it high and handsome over covers for a maximum.
  • 0.1 FIVE OVERTHROWS! Drama right off the bat... literally. Unadkat lands it on a length on off and gets it to shape away. Gunathilaka taps it down in front of point with an open face and both batsmen go for the run. Rahul comes to the ball and has a shy at the striker's end, but it goes off Mendis' bat and away to the fine leg boundary.
  • Ready to begin as the umpires and the players make their way out to the center of the park. It will be Danushka Gunathilaka and Kusal Mendis to open the innings for the Lankans, with Jaydev Unadkat taking the new ball first up for the Men in Blue. He has a slip in place. Here we go...
  • Thisara Perera says it looks like a good batting track so will look to put runs on the board. Reckons their batters have done well but their bowlers weren't up to the mark, so wants to change that. Adds they have a good line-up and hopes that will bring about a good change. Ends saying there's one change as Suranga Lakmal comes in for Dinesh Chandimal.
  • Rohit Sharma says they will field first. Adds that there's been some rain around so the wicket will get better as the game goes on. Continues saying that the last game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was proof of that fact. States they have talked about what their roles are and studied the opposition too, so wants to exploit their weaknesses. Mentions there's one change, as KL Rahul comes in for Rishabh Pant.
  • TOSS - INDIA WIN THE TOSS AND THEY WILL HAVE A BOWL FIRST! We've lost just an over because of the rain. It will be a 19-over match, with 4 bowlers allowed to bowl 4 overs each and the rest can bowl 3.
  • Now, coming to the match, it's like we're back to ground zero with all teams having suffered a loss each and bagged a win each. Today, Sri Lanka will be with a stand-in captain Thisara Perera as Dinesh Chandimal is suspended for today's game. It will be a stern test for them, as they go up against an Indian side with the hunger for revenge. The Rohit Sharma led team might be inexperienced, but it's a learning curve for them, and these players have been known to be quick learners. We should have a good game on our hands, especially given the series is completely open now. Today's victors will have the upper hand, so with both going for maximum points, everybody would enjoy watching this now.
  • Hello and a warm welcome for the 4th match in this tri-series. First off, we'd like to update you that it was raining earlier, but it's stopped now and the groundstaff has done well to keep the outfield in good condition. There was a big delay, but we are ready and raring to begin.

Sri Lanka Vs India Live Score (T20) Ball by Ball Commentary

  • So, India move to the top of the table with this win. They're in a comfortable position now and will want to carry the momentum forward when they Bangladesh in the next game of this tri-series. It takes place on 14th March at this same venue, at 1900 local (1330 GMT). Do tune in for that. Till then, cheers!
  • Rohit Sharma says it was a smart performance from his bowlers to restrict Sri Lanka to the score they did. Reckons it wasn't easy to pull that off as the conditions were difficult for bowling but his bowling unit still delivered the goods. Feels that you have to find a way to keep taking wickets in this format, otherwise winning is quite difficult. States they bat really deep so he never had any concerns about getting over the finish line. Applauds Manish Pandey and Dinesh Karthik for the way they performed, but goes on to emphasize he doesn't want to single anybody out as it was a collective effort. Ends by saying that his side needs to keep on playing the way they have and just focus on their strengths.
  • Sri Lanka skipper, Thisara Perera states that the pitch was beautiful to bat on and certainly not a 152-run wicket by any means. Admits that his side lost the game after the fall of his wicket which saw them at least 30-40 runs short of the target. Still feels they played some good cricket tonight and that they will take positives from this game. Knows that the next one is a must-win game for them and is confident that his boys will give their hundred percent. Hopes to play the same brand of cricket and qualify for the finals.
  • Man of the Match, Shardul Thakur says he just loved it today. It was his dream to win a game for India and is overjoyed to have his dream come true tonight. Smiles and says there were a few nerves but he didn't feel any pressure while bowling.
  • Manish Pandey says they were always in the game. States that stitching the partnerships was the key and they did that really well tonight. Tells us that he has been told in the team meetings as to how he should construct his innings at no. 5. Reckons he always looks to stay there till the end. Lauds Karthik for offering a good hand as they don't have much batting lower down the order. Praises the bowlers to have set it up and is happy with the win tonight.
  • The task of defending a below par total was always going to be a difficult one for Sri Lanka. They would have had to enforce a collapse to achieve victory, but that wasn't meant to be. They put in a good effort, but fell short. The bowling isn't to blame here though, it's the batting which has let them down. The top order gave them a blazing start, and they were going well till Thisara Perera's wicket. After that, everything fell apart as the hosts easily fell 20-25 runs short. Manish Pandey is out there with Russel Arnold for a chat...
  • A comfortable victory for the Indians. They've exacted the revenge for the loss at the hands of the Lankans earlier in the tournament. With a modest target set in front of them, they stuttered a bit along the way. Got off to a good start, but then lost wicket at regular intervals. Things could have gotten complicated had it not been for the calm heads of Manish Pandey and Dinesh Karthik. They battled calmly, played their shots when needed and with their unbeaten partnership of 68 runs, ensured that there were no further hiccups in getting over the finish line.
  • 17.3 And that's the game! Dinesh Karthik gets low to this extremely full ball outside off and squeezes it out square through point for a single. INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS!
  • 17.2 FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Scores a level now. Dipping full toss outside off, Karthik hammers this across the long on fence on the bounce.
  • 17.1 FOUR! Dinesh Karthik has played an excellent shot. He anticipated the ball to be dropped short, so he stood tall and muscled the pull over mid-wicket for a one-bounce boundary.
  • Nuwan Pradeep back on.
  • 16.6 Just 9 needed in 12 now. India almost home. Karthik works it just wide of the man at mid-wicket and takes a quick single. 144/4
  • 16.5 Short of a good length outside off, Manish rides the bounce and punches it along the ground towards sweeper cover. One run taken.
  • 16.4 Well played. Doesn't act rash, taps the slower ball down in front of point and calls his partner through for an easy run.
  • 16.3 FOUR! Overpitched and Chameera has paid the price. Good batting from Karthik. Saw it pitched up, knew the fielder was inside the circle so he slogged it over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 16.2 Easy as they come. Pandey hangs his open-faced blade and runs it to the third man fielder for a single.
  • 16.2 Wide! Short but it's too short, Pandey has nothing to do with it. The umpire signals a wide.
  • 16.1 The 50-run stand is up! Karthik just guides it to third man and crosses over.
  • Dushmantha Chameera is back into the attack. Easy ask for the Indians as they need 19 from 18 balls.
  • 15.6 Full on the pads, Pandey comes down the track and flicks it through mid-wicket for a double. 134/4
  • 15.5 Dropped short, pulled away off the back foot on the leg side for a single.
  • 15.4 Looped up delivery outside off, pushed to the cover region for a single.
  • 15.3 The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot. They pick up a single.
  • 15.2 Not out! Outside off, Karthik hits it towards point and takes off. There is a direct hit at the bowler's end as Dinesh slides his bat in. The second run is taken off the ricochet but the appeal has gone up and so has the decision. Replays confirm the batsman in question is safe.
  • A run out appeal against Dinesh Karthik is referred upstairs.
  • 15.1 FOUR! Terrific way to start the over! Short and width offered outside off, Karthik pounces on it and crashes it through the covers, beating the man out in the deep.
  • Jeevan Mendis to bowl now.
  • 14.6 Shortish in length outside off, played through point for a single. India need 30 runs to win off 24 balls. 123/4
  • 14.5 Closes the face of the bat and places it through the empty spaces in the mid-wicket region. Gets an easy single.
  • 14.4 Outside off, moving away slightly, played to point for nothing.
  • 14.3 SIX! He's muscled it! Short of a length, Pandey picks the length early and he leaves nothing behind. Throws everything at it and sends the ball sailing over the mid-wicket fence with a powerful pull.
  • 14.2 Just around off, touch short in length, Pandey gets a bottom edge as he tries to get bat on ball.
  • 14.1 Back of a length delivery angling down leg, Karthik helps the pull through to deep backward square leg for a single.
  • Thisara Perera is back on.
  • 13.6 Worked through mid-wicket for a single. That's the end of Akila's spell, he ends with figures of 4-0-19-2. 114/4
  • 13.5 Down the ground, through mid off, a single taken.
  • 13.4 Short and on the stumps, the batsman hangs back and slams the pull to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • 13.3 Solid in defense as Karthik gets right behind the line and meets it with a straight blade.
  • 13.2 Eases this through the covers and earns a run.
  • 13.1 Wrong 'un on off, Karthik comes half-forward and hangs his bat in defense. It takes the inner half and rolls to mid-wicket as the batsmen take a single.
  • Akila Dananjaya returns.
  • 12.6 Worked away on the leg side again. Another run to the total. 109/4
  • 12.5 Played to mid-wicket region by the batsman. They pick up a single.
  • 12.4 Stays back and defends it with the full face of the bat.
  • 12.3 Full ball from Pradeep, Karthik comes out a step and clips it away square on the leg side for a single.
  • 12.2 Smart cricket from Pandey. He just dabs this behind point for a single.
  • 12.1 FOUR! What a shot! Elegant and skillful from Manish Pandey. Short of a good length outside off, Pandey stands tall, gets on top of the bounce and punches it firmly through extra cover for a boundary.
  • Nuwan Pradeep back again.
  • 11.6 Stumping chance! But Karthik is safe. Mendis bowls it outside off, Karthik goes after it and misses. His back leg comes out of the crease for a bit, but then he drags it back in quickly. In time too, as the keeper takes the bails off in a flash. Would have been gone had he been a second too late. 101/4
  • 11.5 Just behind a driving length, on the stumps, whipped through mid-wicket for a brace.
  • 11.4 Plays this with the spin as he pushes it through the vacant cover region for one run.
  • 11.3 Quite full from Mendis, it's drilled down to long on. One run taken.
  • 11.2 FOUR! Good shot. Should release some pressure. It's dropped short, Karthik waits for it to come to him, and then unleashes a fierce cut through point for a boundary.
  • 11.1 Goes against the spin and wrists it through the mid-wicket area for one.
  • 10.6 The batsman defends it from within the crease. They pick up a single. 92/4
  • 10.5 Short in length again, outside off, slapped hard through the covers for a couple.
  • 10.4 Shortish delivery on the off stick, Pandey works it with a whip through mid-wicket. Some good running earns him a second. Nicely done.
  • 10.3 Same attempt from Pandey, looks to run it down, but it's straight to the man at point.
  • 10.2 Outside off on a good length, some extra bounce there as well. Karthik opens the bat-face and runs it down to third man before jogging to the other end.
  • 10.1 Length ball on middle and off, worked off the inner half through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 9.6 Flighted ball outside off, hit hard but a good fielding effort at cover. 85/4
  • Dinesh Karthik is in next.
  • 9.5 OUT! Hit wicket! Would you believe it? After surviving a close run out chance on the previous ball, he finds this way to throw his wicket away. He bags a record as well - first Indian batsman to get out hit wicket in T20Is! Flatter delivery on the stumps, Rahul goes too deep in the crease to tuck it away but by doing that, his back leg makes contact with the stumps and that is it for him tonight as the LED bails come out. Really, soft dismissal. India require 68 from 55 balls.
  • 9.4 Just in, just! The TV umpire gives it in favor of the batsman! Manish lets the ball dip in and then pushes it towards backward point and sets off. The fielder is quick to throw it to the keeper who takes the bails off as KL Rahul dives full stretch to get back in. The Lankans appeal for a run out and it's taken upstairs. After watching a lot of replays, the TV umpire feels that Rahul has managed to get back in.
  • That looks close! KL Rahul dives to get back in at the striker's end but the stumps are disturbed as well by the keeper. Is that the wicket the hosts wanted?
  • 9.3 Flighted delivery around middle and leg, Manish comes down the track to flick but misses and wears it on the pads.
  • 9.2 Flatter one outside off, cut away past the man at backward point for a single.
  • 9.1 Quicker delivery, wider outside off, Rahul reaches out to that one but fails to get going with the shot. A good one-handed take by Kusal Perera behind.
  • 8.6 Easy single again. Good length, angling in, clipped away towards mid-wicket. 8 from the over! 83/3
  • 8.5 Good thinking from the Indians! They have picked up a boundary on the first ball so are happy to take singles now. Manish runs this length ball to third man and crosses over.
  • 8.4 Flicked through mid-wicket for another single.
  • 8.3 This time manages to guide it fine towards third man for a single.
  • 8.2 Good length outside off, dabbed straight to backward point.
  • 8.1 FOUR! Superb hit! Perera begins with a short ball outside off, Pandey gets on top of the bounce and thrashes it through cover for a boundary to welcome the Lankan skipper into the attack.
  • Thisara Perera brings himself on.
  • 7.6 Drills it through cover with that strong bottom hand and picks up two more. 75/3
  • 7.5 Good running! Goes back and clips it through mid-wicket. Some good running between the wickets allows them to come back for a double.
  • 7.4 Lunges forward to a loopy ball and milks a single towards long off.
  • 7.3 FOUR! Pummeled! Mendis drops it short, Pandey is quick to rock back and smack it past the man at mid-wicket for a boundary. That was hit with disdain!
  • 7.2 Makes room does Rahul and eases the drive past the cover fielder for a single.
  • 7.2 Wide! Spinning down leg, Rahul leaves it alone.
  • 7.1 Driven through cover for a single.
  • Jeevan Mendis is into the attack now.
  • 6.6 What happened there? Pradeep, just when he was about to deliver the ball the towel comes out which he has hooked at the back and goes flying with the ball. Pandey is distracted by it as he pushes it down to long off. He gets to the other end but doesn't seem to be amused by it. The umpire, however, doesn't pay much heed and asks them to continue. 13 off the over! 63/3
  • Manish Pandey is in next. 91 needed in 73 balls.
  • 6.5 OUT! Tame dismissal! Nuwan Pradeep breaks the stand! He sees Suresh jumping out of the track early and so he drops it on a length wider than his reach. Suresh Raina still goes on with the shot. Doesn't get any power behind it and spoons a simple catch to Thisara Perera at mid off. What a time to pick up a wicket and the look on the faces of the Lankans tells us that.
  • 6.4 SIX! Dumped away! That was a poor delivery from Pradeep and gets the treatment! Pradeep digs in a short ball down the leg side, Raina walks across and helps it over fine leg. There was a man stationed near the rope but he could only watch it sail over him and into the fence.
  • 6.3 Back of a length outside off, tapped towards the off side for a single.
  • 6.2 FOUR! Rahul gets his first boundary! A stylish looking shot, that! Gets across to a length delivery and flicks it over the man at short fine leg. No need to run for those!
  • 6.1 Shortish ball on middle, dragged off the inner half towards wide long on for a single.
  • Nuwan Pradeep is brought into the attack for the first time.
  • 5.6 Pushes it to mid off and brings up the 50 for his side. That ends the Powerplay too, India need 103 from 79 balls. 50/2
  • 5.5 Quicker and flatter on off, Raina goes back and takes it from the off stump. Cuts hard but can't find the gap.
  • 5.5 Wide! Fired down the leg side, Raina gets down to sweep but misses. He almost loses his balance but the ball wasn't collected by the keeper.
  • 5.4 Pitched around middle, turning away towards off, Rahul goes back and knocks it down to long on to get one.
  • 5.3 The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
  • 5.2 Quicker ball outside off, Raina comes down the track and mistimes his loft down to long off for a single.
  • 5.1 Flattish on middle, punched back to the bowler.
  • 4.6 Suresh Raina makes room, Dushmantha follows him. The batter still manages to get it wide of the bowler to end the 16-run over. The momentum changer one! 46/2
  • 4.5 SIX! Bam! Meaty blow, that! Another one on a shorter length on middle, Raina flat-bats it across the line. Booming hit that as the ball clears the square leg fence for a maximum. All power!
  • 4.4 FOUR! Shot! Chameera once again digs in a short ball on middle, Raina jumps down the track, is a bit cramped for room as well but still swings across the line. Gets decent connection and fetches a one-bounce boundary towards square leg.
  • 4.3 On a length and just around the off stump line, Raina looks to poke at it and is lucky to not edge one.
  • 4.2 FOUR! Easy as it would get! Shortish and down the leg side, Raina is quick to get inside the line and help it fine down the leg side for a boundary.
  • 4.1 Shortish outside off, slapped towards third man for a single.
  • Dushmantha Chameera is into the attack.
  • 3.6 In the air... safe! Floated ball outside off, Raina gets down to play the slog sweep but doesn't get it off the meat. Mistimes it high in the night sky towards deep mid-wicket. Luckily for him, it falls in no man's land. A couple taken. 30/2
  • 3.5 Played to the point region by the batsman.
  • 3.4 Spinning in towards the pads, helped through square leg for a single.
  • 3.3 Raina makes it in! But hello? What were they doing? Horrible mix-up and that nearly cost India another wicket. Flatter ball around middle and leg, Rahul clips it towards Pradeep at short fine leg. Raina from the other end sets off and is halfway down the track before Rahul sends him back. Nuwan returns a throw to the bowler who takes the bails off as Suresh makes a splendid dive to get back in. It's taken upstairs and replays show the dive has saved the southpaw.
  • Is Raina gone now? He dives to get back in at the bowler's end as Akila takes the bails off. The hosts reckon that they have got another. Let's wait and find out...
  • 3.2 Gets down and sweeps it over backward square leg for a single.
  • 3.2 FOUR WIDES! Spinning down leg, Rahul misses his pull and the keeper had no chance to stop it either. Bonus runs for India!
  • Suresh Raina is the new man in, replacing Dhawan. He will face the hat-trick ball as Akila picked up Rohit on the last ball of his previous over.
  • 3.1 OUT! Dhawan, the man in form is walking back now. Both the Indian openers are gone inside the first 4 overs. Sri Lanka are all pumped up. Good bowling from Akila again. Nicely tosses it up around off, Dhawan dances down the track but the ball turns away from him and since Shikhar is already out of the crease, he goes on with his shot. Miscues it in the air towards mid on where Thisara Perera takes it easily. India in a bit of bother now.
  • 2.6 Angling away on a length outside off, SD steers it behind point to keep strike. 22/1
  • 2.5 FOUR! That had please-hit-me written all over it! Lakmal is certainly struggling to find his line and length. Delivers a short ball down the leg side and Dhawan takes full toll of it. Walks across and pulls it down to fine leg for a boundary.
  • 2.4 Shortish ball on middle and leg, KL Rahul taps it towards mid-wicket and gets one more.
  • 2.3 This time Dhawan guides one down to third man for a single.
  • 2.2 Rahul is off the mark! Dabs this length ball towards third man for a single.
  • 2.1 Fuller ball, angling away, driven down to long off for a single.
  • KL Rahul makes his way out to the middle, replacing Rohit.
  • 1.6 OUT! Straight to the man! Dananjaya sees Rohit is giving the charge and hence he smartly drifts it on the pads. The Indian skipper is too close to the pitch of the ball but still looks to whip/flick it over mid-wicket. Doesn't get it off the middle and hands a simple catch to Kusal Mendis at mid-wicket who is just at the edge of the circle. Rohit shakes his head in disarray as he trudges back. 13/1
  • 1.5 Bowls a googly, turning back in on middle, Rohit is tucked up as he just defends it back down to the bowler.
  • 1.4 Drags his length back a bit, pulled over mid-wicket for a single.
  • 1.3 Quicker one on the stumps, chopped towards point.
  • 1.2 Good stop! A bit short outside off, punched hard but the fielder at cover dives to his right to make a good stop.
  • 1.1 Sloppy! Flighted delivery from over the wicket, Rohit shimmies down the track and clips it towards the right of the bowler who gets across and dives to stop but fails to stop it cleanly. Concedes one.
  • Akila Dananjaya to bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6 Shot but for nothing! Back of a length delivery outside off, Dhawan gets on top of the bounce and cuts it hard but finds the man at cover-point. A good first over for India! 11/0
  • 0.5 Good length ball, angling away a bit, Shikhar Dhawan stands back and defends it.
  • 0.4 Suranga Lakmal strays another one on the pads, Sharma can't put it away. Gets it off the pads towards the leg side as the batsmen cross for a leg bye.
  • 0.3 FOUR! India off to a flier, too! On the pads this time, Rohit walks across just a touch and dumps it on the bounce over backward square leg for a boundary.
  • 0.2 SIX! Rohit is up and running! True pitch, screams Russel Arnold on air. Lakmal hurls it on a back of a length on middle, it sits up at a good height too as Rohit Sharma stands tall and muscles the pull over square leg for half a dozen.
  • 0.1 Landed on a length on off, shaping away late, Rohit Sharma taps it down in front of mid-wicket.
  • We are back for the run chase. Decent target for India to chase as Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan stride out in the middle. Suranga Lakmal to open the bowling. A slip in place. Let's roll...

Sri Lanka Vs India Live Score (T20) Ball by Ball Commentary

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5313 121
2 South Africa 4484 115
3 Australia 4174 104
4 New Zealand 3489 100
5 England 4829 99
6 Sri Lanka 4374 95
Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 7594 122
2 South Africa 6911 117
3 England 7496 117
4 New Zealand 7081 114
5 Australia 6376 112
6 Pakistan 4877 96
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3272 126
2 Australia 2513 126
3 India 4341 124
4 New Zealand 3013 116
5 West Indies 2538 115
6 England 2402 114